Black girl magic is a mantra within our community to remind ourselves of the resilience we carry from our ancestors. To outsiders, it might sound ludicrous, but you have to take into consideration everything Black women have been through. Look at what we’ve accomplished in spite of, that’s why we yell black girl magic with such joy. We have Black women breaking glass ceilings left and right! We have a Black woman in the White House! In addition, to Black women holding prestigious positions so it feels great to be a Black woman right now. To say I was elated when I found out about Mermosa is an understatement. This wine was curated by Desiree Noisette, she’s the first Black woman in Florida to have her own winery.

The Haitian innovator was inspired by her late great grandmother who was a businesswoman herself during a time where it was a rarity. Noisette was a construction lawyer who owned a bikini boutique. Part of the luxury shopping experience is being served wine while you shop. The wines in the market weren’t to her liking so she did what any ambitious entrepreneur would do. Immersed herself in the world of winemaking to become more versed about her newfound passion. This is where the inspiration for her wine line was birthed. Noisette studied with wine producers in Washington. Here is where studied all the mechanics in winemaking.

After studying with the sommelier Noisette was able to develop her signature flavors: Celestine Rose, Mersecco Blanc de Blancs, Noisette Rose.  The unique names are Noisette paying homage to her Haitian heritage and great grandmother. Many would question how she was able to afford this dream she stepped out on faith by selling her home. Noisette knew failure wasn’t an option because of her linage and everything she’s given up. Her great grandmother bought her family’s freedom back and ran legal businesses during a time where that was unfathomable. It’s amazing to see what you can achieve when you believe. I think her great grandmother is elated, to say the least. Mermosa is currently sold in Florida and Texas. It’s set to hit shelves in South Carolina and Georgia later this year. They also curate events which you can find out about on their Instagram.