Floyd Mayweather continues to make his impact in changing the landscape of real estate in some of the most prominent cities in America. The professional boxer and businessman celebrated his birthday at the Gabriel South Beach on Ocean Drive with a VIP invite-only, red carpet party. The real celebration was his major announcement of his new investment partnership between Mayweather and CGI Merchant Group, LLC (CGI), a global investment management firm with a focus on commercial real estate and private equity. The Gabriel South Beach is one of CGI’s most recent acquisitions.

Mayweather, who also announced his new business venture into NASCAR just a couple of weeks prior, is dedicated to creating generational wealth and providing the tools and education for other athletes to build success outside of sports. 

“This partnership will impact the athletes and others who invest and use it as a platform to learn and create generational wealth.” Mayweather said. “My focus is on creating generational wealth and doing it with partners that share my values and drive for excellence.”

Floyd is looking forward to his new partnership with CGI and CEO Founder Raoul Thomas. The mogul states  “After I got to know CGI, I saw them as an opportunity to work together and share with other athletes and friends my goal of creating long term wealth outside of sports through investing in real estate.” 

Floyd is no stranger to the real estate industry himself. After dominating in boxing, Mayweather took his talents to Nevada where he completely changed the Las Vegas landscape. He’s also an investor  in SL Green’s notable  assets in NYC,  including One Vanderbilt.The undefeated champion is looking to expand and believes CGI can help with his new ventures. “I’m excited about the partnership with CGI. Not only do we invest in hotel, office and other commercial real estate assets in Miami but we will also invest in other markets across North America.” 

Floyd continues to leave a legacy of success behind him. “I want my impact in business to be just as great or greater than my impact on sports and I want to show other athletes that great business success outside of sports is possible.”

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