Floyd Mayweather will be revered as one of the world’s greatest and smartest boxers to ever step in a ring! This past weekend, Mayweather Promotions, a company that Floyd Mayweather started years ago that made him into a multimillionaire, hosted a fight exhibition in Miami, Florida at the Hard Rock Stadium. The exhibition featured fights between professional athlete, Chad Johnson and pro MMA fighter Brian Maxwell, Luis Arias vs. Jarrett Hurd, and of course the main show was Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul!

Floyd is now 44 years old, 155 pounds and Logan Paul is 6’1 199 pounds at 26 years young! The two fighters built so much momentum surrounding fight night and many are suspecting Floyd didn’t purposely KO Paul to keep the fight going. However you feel, you can’t deny that Mayweather has dominated the world of boxing and showed the world how to earn what you’re worth, not what others say you’re worth! Mayweather did walk away from this fight as the winner with barely any bruises or marks visibly. He also made it known that this was his last fight and exhibition.

SHEEN Magazine were honored to be present to witness his final fight. Celebrities packed the stadium and we even bumped into a few of your favorites at Club LIV located at the lower club level of the stadium, Matt Barnes, Busta Rhymes, and Reginae Carter were just a few that we spotted in the building. We also saw rapper Lil Baby as he was taking his front row seats after the performance by Migos and Moneybaggyo!

Let’s just say everyone came out to celebrate and cheer on the champ during his final exhibition and he definitely went out with a bang! Floyd mentioned during the press conference he could care less about what the press writes because he still goes home to his beautiful lifestyle. Floyd mentioned several times the most important thing that happened this week was his youngest daughter’s graduation. He even spoke about  him training a few days a week and still traveling. He put emphasis on how little pressure he felt surrounding this Logan Paul fight. People can call Floyd Mayweather alot of things but you cannot call him stupid or broke because he’s a man who took contrrol of his own career and destiny and won!!! Congratulations to Floyd Mayweather on an amazing career journey!

Check out our Miami adventure for “Fight Night” below:

Video & Photos by J.Odell