When it comes to your passion, every decision you make will meet you on the landing mark. Home chef Alexandra Hill proves that without a doubt, cooking met her upon the greatness that is expected for her. Growing up, Hill always knew that cooking was something she had a bond with. Starting at the tender age of 12, she fell into the filled possibilities when watching various shows on the Food Network. Having a mother such as Hill’s who took interest in her daughter’s curiosity by feeding ambition that blossomed into the dwindles of traditional cultures when it comes to cuisine. Opening a range of endless prosperity given to Hill, who soon becomes recognized for something she grew infatuated with at a young age.

Finding a balance between the two, Hill, also known as the clever tag @justaddhotsauce on Instagram, decided that culinary school would be on of the first steps to her dreams. She majored in marketing at Hampton University, creating a steady well-rounded pace into the culinary world. As of recent, Hill has moved on with her love for food by quitting her job “To pursue this whole cooking world and pursuing my dreams and following my blog.” She remains level-headed by being aligned with what she chooses to reach for in life. She continues to critique her techniques in the kitchen and traveling around the world to embrace cultures, along with their cuisine.


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