Judith Eloy is the owner of J Luxe Brands. The candle brand was established in January 2020 and the pandemic hit. She continued making candles because it helped tremendously with her anxiety brought on by the enormous shift in the world. Several months later, her 14-year-old goddaughter committed suicide, and Judith found the candle making a way to help her heal during the grieving process. She enjoys creating a luxury product and seeing her customers smile. Since the first day, the brand has brought the best selection of products and merchandise to its customers. Their name has become synonymous with quality

What’s your definition of self-care?

Judith: Self-care is when you take steps to make your mental, physical and emotional health a priority. This can be done through many different activities. Some examples include taking a yoga class, going on a spa day, meditating, implementing healthier eating habits, or taking a trip. 

What tips can you give to someone struggling to find time for self-care? 

Judith: My main tip for anyone struggling to find time for self-care is to make it a priority and fit it into your schedule no matter what. 

 There are so many great benefits of burning candles. What are some of your favorite benefits? 

Judith: Some of my favorite benefits include: The ability for the scent and flame from a candle to awaken a space; the sense of peace and calmness that certain scents can bring; and the therapeutic benefits that many essential oils provide. The perfect scent can turn any space, moment, or emotion into a relaxing place of peaceful bliss.  

How do you deal with fear or doubt in business?

Judith: I’ve always been an individual with a great deal of faith and knowing that everything always works out. I choose to always block any doubt that may try to creep into my thoughts. Doing this allows me to come up with solutions for any issue or potential problem. In our current time, there are so many resources that will allow you to navigate any obstacle and pivot in any situation. 

What is your definition of luxury?  

Judith: My definition of luxury in a product would describe something that is high end and high quality. It is also tied to emotion because when a product or service is crafted in a way to evoke a high level of excitement, it brings a sparkle in your eye or makes you forget all your problems in that moment by bringing you a certain level of bliss. Our candles are made with premium materials down to our very particular choice of wick. Our vessels are chosen to allow our clients to repurpose them if they desire. Our candles are hand poured with love and will offer unique scents and long burn times. 

How can people follow you and your brand?

Judith: Instagram:

Photo Credits: Judith Elroy