Written by LaJill Hunt, “For What It’s Worth” follows Naomi Samuels, a successful doctor who suffers from anger management issues and loses her fellowship. Naomi travels to her hometown to reconnect with the foster care siblings she’s neglected for years while she pursues her career goals. Naomi and her siblings experience unexpected adversity, which brings them closer and changes their lives forever in a positive way,

For What It’s Worth was also executive produced by Loretta Edwards Wilson and Christopher A. Nolen and directed by Courtney Arlett. Patt Stevens and Gregory Anderson were producers. It was co-produced by Lem Collins and Jared Wofford. Ronald “Wink” Woodall of The Talent Connect also served as consulting producer.

The groundbreaking film, brought to life by a diverse and talented cast including Patrice Covington (Genius), Leslie Black (Chicago Med), Kevin Savage (Game of Deceit), and Jared Wofford (The Final Say),  premiered on March 7th, exclusively on BET+. Their exceptional performances added depth and authenticity to the story, making it a must-watch for all.

“For What It’s Worth” has made a significant impact on BET+’s lineup, delving into crucial themes of family, redemption, and the vital need for mental health support within the Black community. It’s heartening to witness BET Networks’ unwavering commitment to shedding light on often overlooked issues. The exceptional talent of the cast and crew resonated deeply with audiences. Notably, “BET Her Presents: The Couch” stands as a testament to their dedication to raising awareness about mental health through powerful storytelling. May is “Mental Health Awareness Month!”


Photo Credit: BET Plus