Lydia Nelson’s story didn’t begin as a fairytale. She experienced homelessness, living in shelters, and eventually becoming a high school drop out. Lydia’s struggle forced her to boss up even though she didn’t take the conventional route. She dropped out of high school and attended job corp so that she could build a skill and earn some quick cash. It was then Lydia obtained her CNA. Lydia believes everything happens for a reason. She credits her dropping out of high school to become a CNA for introducing her to scrubs which ultimately made her into a millionaire. Lydia is the owner of “CScrubs With Love”. Lydia teaches others how to sell scrubs online and direct. C Scrubs ultimately became a wholesale division retailer after 7 years of business. She spent her first 7 years selling directly and now prides herself on being one of the industries top retailers. Lydia chatted with SHEEN about her journey to creating a million dollar brand.

How did your childhood experiences shape you into the hardworking entrepreneur and wife that you’ve become?

I feel like my childhood experiences are the reason I’m so successful. It taught me how I didn’t want to live. I remember being evicted and carrying bags on the street. Those types of experiences traumatize you and shape you for better.

Do you feel going through a tough upbringing shaped you to have the hustle mentality that you do now?

It came from my mother not being able to provide. I lived in shelters. My struggle gave me a hustle because I had no choice.

What made you want to enter the medical field? 

I dropped out of high school. Earning my CNA license led me to fall in love with the products that I was wearing each day. Everything came full circle once I obtained my license. Had I not dropped out to get that GED certificate or CNA certificate I would have never discovered scrubs. Every journey that I endured took me to another step. As I worked as  a CNA, I realized I hated working for someone else. This was just the beginning of my journey.

Tell me about your business.

Business Name: C Scrubs with Love: Wholesale Division/Retailer My first 7 years were spent direct selling scrubs. I became a retailer after 7 years. I’ve been in business 11 years total.  I’ve been doing wholesale for 4 years now. We put other people in business to sell scrubs. Build their website, logo design, LLC. We set them up & supply them.  (All in 1) (Wholesale Suppliers)

How do you balance motherhood and business?

It’s hard. My husband is incarcerated so the wife duties haven’t kicked in yet. I will start my journey as a wife in about 9-10 months once he’s released. I haven’t had to play the traditional wife role yet but I look forward to it. We’ve been married for a year and half and we’ve been together 10 years. I have a 6 & 7 year old at home so as a mother I take on a lot. They’re young so I take on a lot of guilt with them especially with me being a single mother while their father is incarcerated right now. I have to work to feed them but It’s a work in progress balancing them both. There is no rulebook to motherhood especially as a single parent. My husband reassures me that I’m doing what I have to do each day.

Business Goals for 2020/2021?

I want to start a nonprofit called “CScrubs Care.” We do alot of community service behind the scenes. We want supporters to know a percentage of their sales are going to people in need. I feel that’s important. I’m also looking into coming out with our own scrubs with a few companies. Im looking forward to exploring that venture in 2021.

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Featured Image courtesy of Lydia Nelson