Yusha Assad is an insightful storyteller and vocalist, with over 20 years of experience in writing and recording music. 
Yusha makes music that tells a story and inspires greatness. He believes that his success must be built with the hands and hearts of people, and not off their backs. He uses his music to connect, inspire, and challenge listeners to live life “with great care.” Yusha Assad has been writing and singing since age seven.
Beyond making music, Yusha is the CEO of With Great Care, LLC, an international entertainment, business, and education platform curator.

What do you define as success? 

Yusha: I’m well-rounded in how I approach success. I hold myself accountable to setting quantitative goals to measure success. Success to me is also being able to see people empowered and growing from the things I share. I strive to lead people to a more purposeful and happy life.

What inspires you? 

Yusha: I’m inspired by many things, but the four things that inspire me the most are excellent work, the opportunity to work on impactful creative projects, the brilliance of other creatives, and financial abundance. Whether it’s my work or someone else’s, I’m inspired by seeing someone do something at a very high level with sound planning and execution.

Tell us about your community efforts and things you do to give back. 

Yusha: There are a few things I do consistently in the community as part of my work. I co-produce The Jericho Market – a minority-owned business market that takes place every 4th Saturday on H ST in NE DC. We provide online Black businesses a brick-and-mortar space to connect directly with local customers.

I volunteer on the board of a youth-based DC nonprofit called United to Rise.

I also run a program called The Hope Campaign – which uses a social impact and SEL model to help schools and student leaders determine how to measure hope and utilize strategic marketing principles to inspire new beliefs and efficacy in the school community.


Tell us about your most recent single. 

Yusha: I’m releasing a new single, “Black Soul,” featuring Emmy-nominated artist Karega Bailey, on October 11, 2023. It will be on all platforms. 


How can our readers connect with you online? 



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