Straight out of Brooklyn, NY where only the strong survive, Vernon Turner talks to SHEEN about his highly-anticipated new book, ‘Beyond The Limits: Finding My Purpose.’ Turner’s mission behind his book is to motivate people he hopes his story save lives.

“My one and only mission regarding my projects are to help change and save as many lives I can before leaving this earth. That is my purpose for being here.”

When going on to discuss what the writing process like writing his book, Turner expresses how painful it was revisiting his past and how he found the strength to take one step at a time to heal.

 “It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do; it was then that I realized how much I had buried in my mind & heart… for over 30 years!  I went through so many emotions throughout the entire time of writing.  Yes, it became somewhat therapeutic for me.  I was able to heal a little bit,… but a part of me will always be ‘broken’ inside due to my past.  Ultimately though, my purpose for writing my book was to help as many people as I can before leaving this earth!

When asked who inspires him, Turner credits his parents and his high school coach, Fred Olivieri and suggests readers read his book to get the full story of why.

Turner leaves us with one of the biggest life lessons he learned from many of his life experiences

“I learned (the hard way) to NEVER take anyone or anything for granted… because they or it can be gone in a blink of an eye!”

We here at SHEEN wish Turner much more success, peace, and abundance and salute him for his courage and sharing his story in hopes of saving lives.

Turner book will be available soon at his official website.


Photo credit courtesy of Vernon Turner