Diamond Brown created her luxury body care line out of necessity after finding out her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Her body care has expanded, allowing her the opportunity to hire and mentor young women.

What unique challenges do female entrepreneurs face? 

Some of the unique challenges female entrepreneurs face is balancing responsibilities between their business and family, especially those that are married with children. Another challenge body care entrepreneurs face is proper mainstream exposure. Most women off-hand can name at least 5 flagship hair care & skincare brands founded by Black women. However, there are not many dominant body care brands that get recognition.

What is most rewarding about running a body care brand? 

There are a couple of rewarding things about running Diamond’s Body Care one is the fact my brand is truly impacting lives. Most of my customers state not only do my plant-based products nourish their skin but it also helps their mental well-being by wanting to create a special self-care day just to indulge. The second rewarding thing is donating 10% of our proceeds to Cancer survivors which is a cause that’s near to my heart.

Why should women invest more in body care instead of just investing in skin care for their faces?  

Investing in your body as a whole is important. Unfortunately, most women glorify facial skin care products over body care products because our face is what we show to the world. However, the rest of the body can experience moisture loss and damage as well. Therefore, women should invest more in natural/ plant-based body care it will yield the most effective to have healthy glowing skin EVERYWHERE.

How do you see your business growing and evolving over the next few years?

Diamond’s Body Care is on a mission of being a leading brand in the luxury hotel spa industry. This is an untapped market for us, brown girls. Black women are traveling to beautiful resorts around the world and receiving high-end spa services however we never think about where the products that are being applied to our skin come from. My goal over the next few years is to change that narrative. I will be a household-name wholesale supplier to luxury hotels.

How can our readers stay in touch with you? 

Readers can visit our website at And follow us on Instagram @diamondsbodycare10

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