Keisha Bass uses her anointing to help women heal their relationships with their spouses and with themselves.

Wife Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker, Keisha Bass is a new and necessary voice in relationship coaching, using her God-appointed purpose to help women heal their broken relationships. Bass uses her loving, yet straightforward approach to guide women in becoming the best versions of themselves as well as the best partners they can be to their spouses. Having been married for more than three decades herself, Bass knows a thing or two about the seasons that wives experience in marriage. With a focus on helping women to know their true power both as partners to their husbands and as individuals, her coaching programs are designed to dig deep and bring out the best in women and their marriages.

SHEEN would like to introduce to the founder of Her Dope Marriage, Wife, Mother, and woman of God; Keisha Bass!

For those that have yet to be acquainted with you, tell us, who is Keisha Bass?

Keisha Bass is a 52-year-old woman that is living her life on purpose. I do have a daughter that is 33 and she is pregnant with our first grandchild. I have a son that is getting married this August so we have a lot of life events happening this year.   I am also a wife of 34 years and I am an entrepreneur. Back in August 2021, I left corporate America after 21 years and started doing what I do now as a Wife Coach, on purpose, and finally, I am a child of God. I am his daughter. I walk this. This is who I am; I now know my identity in Christ and I have learned a lot along the way in my personal journey.

What is Her Dope Marriage and how was this mission born?

Her Dope Marriage is my baby and it is something that I carry in that way. I remember being in corporate America and making six figures and I was bossing it up! I remember hearing God say to me that my story needed to be heard by other women but I didn’t quite know what that meant. I sat on it for months because, to be honest with you, I was not comfortable exposing my truth or sharing my identity in order to help someone else love free. Then, I remembered sitting there one day after carrying this around for nine months and while I was sitting there in the living room, then God said to me, “Her Dope Marriage.” Her Dope Marriage is a platform for all women, but more specifically for women that are going through seasons in their marriages, whether good or bad. 

What was the point in your marriage when you learned that you needed to lean more into God?

Good allowed me to go through eleven years of cycling through a bad marriage in my own marriage. I did not know how to communicate and my husband did now know how to be a husband. We were both raised by single mothers so we did not have an example to go by and the toxicity of my world pokes holes in my marriage. My husband was still becoming but my words were still poking holes in my marriage. I remember asking God “When are you going to fix my marriage?”, and he replied, “I can’t fix your marriage because you’re in the way.” The thing God told me was that my words were speaking holes over my husband and my marriage. God reminded me that while my husband is my husband, he was first His son and that I needed to move out of his way and let him fix my marriage.

If someone comes to you for coaching for their relationship, what can they expect?

First and foremost they have to be willing and open to receiving what God has for them. I have a number of coaching programs that are all designed the same way. The first thing we do is to start off with prayer because I cannot do this without God, nor do I want to. Also, they need to be prepared to do the work. They will have a workbook. There is work that will have to be done and they have to be willing. They have to get dirty and do the work.

I do provide a personal number for them to call me on my cell phone in case they need prayer or coaching or just to vent. Before I have my sessions, I go to God for all my clients and while there is a standard format, I go to God on behalf of each of my clients so each plan will be different. I always bring God into the conversation and I always want Him to download into me on their behalf. 

What is some time-tested advice that you can give for couples to put to use in their marriages?

First I would say not to discount prayer. One of the things we do is we get so busy talking to God but we rarely ever listen to God. A conversation is not one way. Women say to me all the time that they have not heard from God and my question to them is always “Did you quiet the noise to listen?”. Secondly, give your spouse grace because you have not done this before and neither has your spouse. There is no perfect marriage. They just have to be willing and open and obedient to God. 

Bass feels that we need to feel comfortable having the uncomfortable conversations needed to allow us to be our authentic selves in God and in our marriages. She wants us to remember that we do not have to carry around the generational curses that were passed to us and that we can, in fact, heal from the brokenness of our pasts, quoting a saying that, “the parents eat the sour grapes but the kids get the stomachache.”

It has been her desire to help women and couples to have these tough conversations that birthed Bass’ annual LiftHer Women’s retreat and LiftUs conference for couples, bringing women and couples into fellowship with others that are wading their own troubled relationship waters.

Photo Credits: Latoya Ashford & Claudia Banks