After a lifetime of living with severe eczema and sensitive skin, Carla Halls used a variety of products to cope. In 2013, she began selling moisture-enriching skincare products to family and friends. She now has a successful business that began as a hobby. The Cactus Beauty Bar is a beauty company that creates natural self-care products.


Give us a unique fact about your personal story. 

Carla: When I was in elementary school, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. So, I struggled academically in elementary and middle school. With that comes the opinion of others on the trajectory of your life. However, I graduated from Clark Atlanta University with honors and obtained my master’s degree in Curriculum and Assessment from Walden University.


What unique challenges do female entrepreneurs face? 

Carla: Lack of capital is a problem that I as a female entrepreneur have faced. Sometimes my personal funds are needed to keep the business running. It’s been a struggle to obtain grant money or loans. We noticed that the more we grow the more capital is needed to stay afloat.

What is most rewarding about running a beauty brand? 

Carla: The most rewarding part of running this business is seeing customers return to purchase the product over and over again.  I love to hear the testimonies of all my customers about how the product has helped their skin. Those simple things excite me.

Why should women invest more in self-care?

Carla: Caring for yourself is very important and it comes in many forms. From taking the time to rest, protecting your skin, reading a book, exfoliating your skin, taking time out to laugh with friends, and eating a balanced meal to moisturizing your skin. All are important because they lead to being more productive. Self-care helps to relieve stress and improves your overall glow. Please take time out for self-care, if the last few years taught us anything, it led us to chase happiness.

What would you like our readers to gain from this interview? 

Carla: I hope the readers take away from this interview that obstacles can sometimes be motivation, so love yourself through it.

Stay blessed and stay clean!

How can our readers stay in touch with you? 

Carla: email us at IG: @thecactusbeautybar

Photo Credits: The Cactus Beauty Bar