Unlike some laundry lists that showcase wealthy, famous and politically strong women, we wanted to highlight four ‘regular’ women of color who are not your regular gal pals. These women are using their pasts to create a safer future for girls and women everywhere, and this is why we want you to watch out for them in 2021.

Meet Corinthia Davis, the former convict whose past is anything but ordinary.

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This native of Trenton NJ is the only daughter of Apostle Preston L. Scott Jr. and Co-Pastor Cynthia Smith. Corinthia used to describe her life as a roller coaster, especially when she spiraled from a committed churchgoer to a lesbian, to selling drugs and using and selling weapons in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States.  This lifestyle caught up with Corinthia in 1998 when she was arrested as a drug queen pin and again in 2002 for drugs and unpaid traffic tickets.

Corinthia Davis has paid her dues and is not just a Pastor righting her wrongs in the same community where she did her illegal activities in. She is now a devoted mother and wife to her amazing husband, DeMarcus Davis Sr. She graduated from International Seminary, with a bachelor’s degree in Religious Education, e. Earned a master’s degree in Christian Education, and is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program where she expects to graduate in July 2021. Corinthia has shared her story from lost to found, and from sinner to redemption in her new book, “When Your Will Doesn’t Meet the Eye of GOD” which is available on her website, and on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Learn more about her ministry and follow her on social media as Corinthia Davis.

Meet Margarette Prosper, from riches to rags, to riches.

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Margarette Prosper is the Founder and Co-Owner of Madame Prosper Enterprise, where she provides mentorship to women and business owners. Margarette, a life insurance agent, and business credit consultant, is one to watch because of her grit and ability to regain and re-launch herself after humiliation and loss. In 2015 Margarette and her family lost everything when the Federal Government seized their earnings and savings leaving them with zero dollars, zero cents, and zero ways to recover.

In a very short space of time, Margarette would turn her passion for educating family and friends about the value and importance of life insurance into a profitable career. In less than five years, this new entrepreneur was on a path to reestablish the security her family lost, and soon after she and her husband founded Madame Prosper Enterprise, an organization, which offers tax services, real estate consulting, entrepreneurial training, and business credit leveraging.

Margarette learned through her setback that her blessing was in helping others. She has helped hundreds to find clarity and peace in their business endeavors and their personal life. Margarette Prosper is originally from the beautiful country of Haiti and is a wife and a mother to three beautiful children. She also cares for her elderly parents and her three siblings. Her business funds her foundation in Haiti, which provides job opportunities and support to the less fortunate.

Margarette’s book, “Secrets to Building Business Credit,” is available on her website. It’ll also be available on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Connect with her at Madame Prosper on IG, LinkedIn & Facebook.

Meet Stacy-Ann Smith, the Caribbean Communicator who’s helping the world to responsibly process trauma.  

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Newly minted author of the book “Time Does Not Heal,” Stacy-Ann is the creator, executive producer and host of the Caribbean hit TV talk show “It’s A Woman’s World.”

We selected this entrepreneur, speaker, communications specialist, and founder of DANRAK Productions, a Jamaican media production, and communication company as one to watch in 2021, because of her authenticity which is the canopy of her story.  Time Does Not Heal is a message-driven memoir in which Stacy-Ann transparently shares her experiences with pain and loss and details her path to wholeness with the goal of promoting the intentional pursuit of healing. Tracing her journey through childhood trauma and a few of her life’s valley experiences, Stacy-Ann debunks the notion that time alone can heal all wounds and encourages the active and deliberate pursuit of emotional healing by applying tried and proven approaches. Grounded in a genuine desire to help others see the value in paying attention to their emotional wellbeing, the book is an honest, no-holds-barred, and authentic expression of the author’s belief in the power of faith, forgiveness, and love.

As a professional, Stacy-Ann is an accomplished public relations specialist, writer, and producer of television content besides her own show. In addition to her senior management experience within the HEINEKEN Company, her experience as a PR practitioner includes a key role in the conceptualizing and execution of public relations campaigns for public sector and corporate programs. Her career spans more than 20 years in television, radio, and print, with the last 12 years in public relations at the senior management level. Pick up a copy of Stacy-Ann’s book at her website, Bryan’s Bookstore (Jamaica), Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Keep up with her on Instagram at @iamstacyannsmith.

Meet Beverly Davis, the community advocate who beat the odds.

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Beverly is an author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, community outreach leader, Minister, and mother. She encompasses leadership, governance, and management of visions, large and small, and the empowering of others. Beverly fosters partnerships guided through decision-making as a visionary strategist, with a coaching leadership style. This twenty plus years healthcare veteran has risen from the ashes like a phoenix to obtain an A.A. in Health Services Management from the Community College of Philadelphia, a B.S. in Health Services Management from Thomas Jefferson University, and is now enrolled as a student at Temple University College of Public Health MPH Program, majoring in Health Policy and Management. She is scheduled to complete her MPH degree in Summer 2021.

Why should we celebrate Beverly? Beverly grew up in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and from a young age, she started to experience unfathomable challenges which caused her to second guess herself. This led her to make some very poor decisions that she would later regret in life.

Despite going down the wrong path, there is one decision that young Beverly made years ago that she values more than all, and that is carrying her most precious gift into the world, her only child, Tysheania. Davis was a young naïve mom who battled poverty, prejudice, rejection, educational setbacks, and more. She lived on welfare as a single parent and now she empowers young women in her community on how to avoid some of the pitfalls she encountered. A devout Christian Minister and mentor, Beverly’s background can be celebrated as the driving force for her success.

Beverly details her story in her book “My Life a Testament of Strength – how to triumph while waiting” in which she leaves her readers with a few golden nuggets on how to level up while waiting. Her book is available on her website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Make sure to follow her as well; her social media contacts are on her website.

All four women to watch are different, their stories are different, and so is their message, but their collective purpose is the same.  They are continuously improving while contributing in more meaningful ways to society. It is a journey of constant growth and the desired goal that never dies.

For more information on these trailblazing women and their books, click here.

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