As Americans are fighting to survive during this pandemic, many marriages are also losing consciousness. I want to offer four effective steps to invigorate your love life.

1.) Show kindness
Show kindness and be respectful to your spouse as you would if you were trying to impress someone. Often, we are nicer to our co-workers, our spiritual leaders, our elected officials, and our bosses. There are so many popular slogans like, be kind, show kindness, in a world where you can be anything – be kind. One way to stimulate your love life is simply showing kindness to the one you vowed to love forever.

2.) Take a stroll

Take a stroll down memory lane. Take some time to look back at old photos or videos of joyful times. Take a moment to communicate with your spouse about what made those times so electrifying. If possible, try to recreate or invent similar amazing new memories.

3.) Carve out time

Create a time especially for you both. It could be date night, date morning, date noon, or anytime that works specifically for you. Carve out time that is dedicated to you both. Even if you’re home all day, this can still work. Take a shower, and dress up as if you were going out. Actually you are going out, you can walk and sit in your parked car in the driveway and listen to your favorite music together. If you have small kids, make sure you take the baby monitor with you. Maybe you can go for a walk together – holding hands of course. Making time for each other proves that “our marriage” is important to me; therefore you are important to me too.

4.) Pray

Last, but definitely not least, pray for your spouse. Both of you are managing various emotions surrounding employment, children, their schooling, extended family, in addition to staying safe. When you want to lash out, or throw in the towel, pause and pray. The pausing is instrumental in reducing the adverse reactions of elevated stress levels. Praying allows you to speak honest words to someone who is always listening to you.

As marriages continue to remain in comatose states during these unprecedented times, we must take unprecedented action steps to revive the spark that Covid-19 and its effects are attempting to extinguish.


This feature was submitted by Tamara Bogan


From Virginia, to Texas, to South Korea and many counties in Georgia, Tamara Bogan has completed 17 successful years in the educational arena.  Her career includes middle school teacher, reading specialist, and high school counselor. In addition to school counseling, Tamara is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia who owns Seat of Resilience Consulting and Counseling in Ludowici, GA.  She believes that parents have their children’s best interest at heart, but there are times when additional tools are necessary.  Tamara is happily married to retired Sgt. Andrew Bogan, and they enjoy parenting 4 amazing teenagers.