I am Dr. Shakarra Thompson, born in St. Louis, MO, where I grew up in a moderate-income household with three brothers and two sisters. Despite lacking entrepreneurial role models and facing significant challenges, I defied negativity and doubt, proving that I could rise above my circumstances. As a young parent, I pursued higher education at Lindenwood University and Webster University in St. Louis, MO, determined not to become a product of my environment.

In 2018, I relocated to Texas and founded my most successful venture, Sure Business Essentials, a tax preparation agency. As the owner of a service bureau and tax firm, I have made remarkable strides in the industry, providing unparalleled support to my tax partners and software users. Since establishing the business in 2019, I have grown it from a single-member operation to managing over 200 tax partners, always prioritizing compliance and due diligence.

While taxes remain my primary focus, my entrepreneurial spirit extends to multiple industries, including trucking, real estate/short-term rental investments, and most recently, all lines of insurance.

My journey began with tax preparation but evolved into creating a supportive environment for new tax preparers to start their businesses, build solid foundations, and achieve financial freedom. With me, everything is done the SURE way.

My Journey 

My journey has been defined by resilience and determination. As a child adopted at birth, I witnessed my parents working hard to make ends meet in middle-class jobs. Becoming a single mother at an early age and leaving high school with a GED, I faced numerous challenges that could have easily derailed my ambitions.

My Path to Success 

Despite setbacks, I never lost sight of my aspirations. Returning to college as an adult, I tenaciously pursued and obtained a bachelor’s degree, an MBA, and a Doctorate while overcoming several obstacles along the way. In 2016, I took a bold step by opening my first clothing boutique, followed by a second location in 2017, all while working at a prominent tax firm. In 2018, I sold both stores, left my job, and relocated to Texas with my two children. Armed with just a laptop, I launched a tax business from my home, rapidly expanding to over nine locations with 200+ partners within two years. Diversifying my business portfolio, I ventured into the trucking industry with my husband in 2020 and invested in short-term rental properties. My accomplishments have been recognized with prestigious awards, including Top Leader in the Tax Industry for ABTP and Service Bureau of the Year from the Boss Tax Awards. I was also featured in multiple articles, including Voyager magazine, as one of the “People to Watch” in my hometown of St. Louis.

My Inspiration 

My inspiration stemmed from a burning desire to exceed the expectations others had for me. Without specific mentors, I embraced a trial-and-error approach, continuously striving for improvement year after year.

My Advice to Aspiring Individuals 

My advice to aspiring individuals is simple: just do it. It’s okay to break the mold like I did and forge your path to success. Embrace challenges, learn from failures, and let your determination lead you to new heights.

If you are interested in learning more about me, mentorship, or getting started in any business, including the tax preparation industry, please contact me at  


Photo Credit: S. Thompson