E.S.S.O. shares years of knowledge in life, world events, sports, and culture on the Bag Fuel Podcast and the Triangle Offense TV series with DJ Clue. He is also set to relaunch ClueLace with partnerships lined up with athletes and schools. Esso is one of the stars of BagFuel and Triangle Offense TV as well as the co-founder of ClueLace with DJ Clue.

Can you tell us, who is E.S.S.O.?

Esso is a man from South Jamaica, Queens that loves real hard and puts his heart into everything he does. I stand on the principle of truth & accountability.

When did you know that you were interested in an entertainment career?

After I threw my first party at Morgan State University my freshmen year at 17 years old. I caught the bug from that and I never turned back.

Can you tell us about how you got started as a Music Manager and Promotional Executive?

I first started managing the DJ that was rocking all my parties in college. It gave me a little monopoly on the situation & I enjoyed being involved in every event whether it was mine or not.

Being that you have already worked with many legendary artists, producers, and songwriters in the music business, is there still anyone that you would like to work with and why?

Yeah…… I would love to work with Rihanna, Doja Cat & Lil Baby.

For artists and athletes coming into the game now or looking to start their career in the industry, what advice would you give them before stepping out there?

For anyone coming into the game you are going to need tough skin & perseverance. You are going to have to learn how to work with many personalities and still be able to adjust and be successful.

Besides working with some amazing people you’ve stepped into working with Bag Fuel Podcast and the Triangle Offense TV series with DJ Clue. Can you tell us how decision and opportunity this came about?

The whole podcast wave w/ BagFuel came about through a chance meeting with my partner Hynaken backstage at a Bryson Tiller concert. Then he said I have a different perspective on life and the industry and it needed to be heard. He said, “Let’s Do A Show Together”. And here I am ……

Can you tell us more about, RanPark Entertainment, and what motivated you to start the company?

RanPark Entertainment was started merely to throw events. It evolved into management. I always wanted to own my own business. I started the company when I was 19 years old after I learned about setting up an LLC.

If you weren’t in the entertainment industry, what do you think you would be doing now?

I will definitely be owning a company. I do a lot of things people don’t know. I cook very well and make drinks. I have been offered to bottle my Sangria recipe. I always thought outside the box but I tend to follow my passion first and foremost.

What can we expect next from E.S.S.O.?

You can expect to hear more music coming rapidly. I’m also a cast member on 8atthetable YouTube TV show. More interviews dropping with Hynaken on ThisIs50. Also, many new BagFuel Episodes are on the way. I also played the lead role in a movie called “Twerk” directed by: J. Jesses Smith

For individuals that are looking to study, start or even work within your area of expertise, what advice could you provide them?

All I could say it set up a real of action. Stick to it, keep your eyes open, and work as hard as you can.

How can people connect with you and everything you have going on?

I’m on Instagram. On my YouTube I just started Essoworld, my website, and I’m on Neyo’s “LÜM” app


Featured Image by Gabriel J. Taliaferrow