Female world traveler and creator of Fat Girls Traveling bares her mind,
body and spirit, and sparks our jet setting needs!

There is no better way to get in tune with the most intimate parts of yourself than traveling abroad. Some answers take clarity, change of pace, and DISTANCE. Since her first solo Euro trip in 2015, Annette has been country to country keeping the travel bug alive! From her body positivity ventures, to sharing the culture climate destinations coast to coast, Annette is travel GOALS!

Traveling as a woman of color, what are some interesting things about the experience, from that point of view?

I’ve spent a lot of my time traveling through Asia where Black people often find themselves the center of attention. Most of the tourists traveling in Asia are other Asian people who oftentimes have never seen a Black person in real life. So, they might want to take photos with you, touch your skin, or hair.

I was at the Louvre Museum in Paris and I heard someone yell, “Yo! Yo! Yo!” I looked up and it was a white European man trying to get my attention. He asked if he and his family could take a photo of me. I don’t doubt I was the first Black person they’d met in real life. But it baffled me that people would want to take a photo of me in the museum where the Mona Lisa lives. I’ve had both positive and negative experiences based on my race, but hands down the worst treatment I get because of my race is in my home country, America.


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