When passion meets purpose, the work becomes easier. Kelley Williams is not afraid to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. She is an attorney that advocates for kids in the system and for babies at home. Someone must stand up for them and Kelley is acting.

When Kelley became a mom, her daughter was experiencing skin sensitivity so the usage of products with fragrances was not an option. That became an issue because there are not many organic products available, and she was not having luck finding the right cure. Kelley had tried many different reputable brands that has been around for over 30 years, but those brands only caused her daughter diaper rash to worsen. Like so many other mothers, Kelley shopped around looking for a safe product, with safe ingredients, that would give her daughter relief; but also give her peace of mind knowing she could trust what she was putting on her daughter was safe. After trying many different products that did not work, Kelley set out on a mission to educate herself on the ingredients that were placed in the off the shelf brands. She decided that she would not only do something to protect her baby, but babies around the globe. The same way that creating laws take time, research, and development she understood the process was not going to be easy and that she would have to stick with it. Protecting babies is not new to Kelley. As an attorney, Kelley has been advocating and fighting to keep children safe throughout her career.  Kelley gave her all, trying to come up with an organic product that would sooth babies’ bottoms and ease parents heart from the unknown. She searched diligently for a cream containing non-nano zinc oxide for maximum protection but most importantly with pure simple ingredients. Like most moms, Kelley wanted to be able to interpret the label.

With no luck, Kelley found her way around the pharmacy gathering what she needed to come up with the right formula. People are looking for simplicity, it is the little things in life and that is what she realized when coming up with the right formula. Sometimes we must stop and realize that we already have everything that we need; we must understand how it works and what works well together. Once Kelley started to do some research and tested different samples by trial and error, she found something that would work. She had safe friends that trusted her and were willing to test her product and it worked for them as well. Kelley then reached out to a chemist that was only working with nontoxic products. When reaching out to find a chemist that was the right fit for her assignment, it was not an easy task. Everything worth having is worth fighting for and she was determined not to give up on her search or give into altering the way she wanted to make her plans come into fruition. Finding the right person that believes in your vision is key. There are people assigned to our journey to help take us to that next level.  Kelley understood that sometimes we may have everything that we need, but we can only take ourselves so far. Once she found that right person, things became easier. Now Kelley was able to work alongside someone who would help her take her ideas and teach her how to make it even better. This was an opportunity to give mothers a sigh of relief knowing they could trust what they were using. It is an opportunity to make a difference and as a mother and advocate it allows those babies, she cares for that are in the system to see that they can become anything. There are no limitations to what anyone can do.

I found Kelley to be very intriguing; she is a trailblazer that is blazing the trail. The entrepreneur in me wanted to tap more into her mindset. I was blown away by her aspiration and creative thinking. I have met a lot of people who started making products at home but hearing her story made me thirsty to know more about her desires to work alongside a chemist. I wanted to know more about what triggered her to know that was an available option. Kelley shared that being an attorney she does a lot of research, investigations, and uncovering stones. She utilized those skills to research organic chemist, organic labs, and how to develop organic products. Knowledge is key. The skills that she obtained in her career as an attorney helped her to unlock the doors to a new journey that will help change the lives of so many people.

Kelley shared that this journey did not take off fast for her, but she knew in her core that this was what she was destined to do. Your journey will not be the same as Kelley’s. Your path may not look the same, but her advice to anyone is to not give up. You owe it to yourself to see what could happen. Kelley recommends that people should network and research to know what resources are available at their disposal. Kelley did not become discouraged by her setbacks nor did she give up when things got hard. Through prayer and faith, she stayed planted and trusted God and the process. She believed she could, and she did not allow those obstacles thrown at her to change her mission. Now she can see the fruits of her labor.

When starting a business, many people never get started because of money, but every business starts with an idea. Kelley recommends when starting a business, you should write your vision. Pull out your notebook and research your brand. Write down the type of look and feel you are going for. Know what you will sound like when you communicate to your customers, practice! Know who would be your ideal customer. Know the type of ingredients you want to use. There are tons of things that you can do without money. Businesses do not grow overnight. It takes seed, time, and then comes the harvest. Invest in your business and know your why. When you know your why, quitting will not ever be an option. And it was never an option for Kelley Williams the founder of Curasalve.

Curasalve is now featured at Nordstrom.  To find out more about Curasalve and what’s to come next, follow Kelley Williams on Instagram @curasalve @kelleywilliams_ or click here.

All images by Amber Iris Photo