Sheen Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with former NFL player, author, and producer Brandon Siler. Check out this exclusive interview below on how he has defined the odds and has become a staple in the industry.


Brandon, how did you fall in love with football?

It wasn’t just football I fell in love with all sports when I was very young! Since I can remember I always had a ball in my hand and was always competing at some sport. Didn’t matter if it was curb ball or football I just wanted to compete.

How excited were you to win SEC Freshman of the Year?

It was awesome because at the beginning of that year I was last on the depth chart then I kept working to move into second string and then when Channing Crowder got hurt it gave me an opportunity to move into the starting spot and I just started feeling comfortable in that role and started balling and the rest is history!

What did it feel like to win a BCS National Championship?

It felt awesome because the year before when I saw Vince young holding up the number 1 and that confetti raining down on him…I called Urban in that moment and said we have to have that…and eventually that next year we got to experience that…achieving the ultimate goal at that time in your life is incredible!

How would you explain your draft process?

Tragic, I was slated to get drafted in round 1 or 2 and make about 16-20 million dollars that day and I got drafted in the 7th round and got a 40k signing bonus. Always joke and say I lost 20 million dollars that day. However, God does everything for a reason because if I would have gotten drafted in those early rounds it would be difficult to imagine that I would be doing what I’m doing now which is truly why God put me here. 

What was it like playing in the NFL?

Overall, it was a good experience, however it did present challenges. Everything from competing for a starting spot to injuries and the final straw that was the deciding factor for me leaving the NFL, which was Jovonte Belcher my dear friend of mine murdering his girlfriend and then traveling to the Kansas City Chiefs facility and committing suicide in front of the staff and teammates. 

What was your first career ideas after leaving the NFL?

I worked for Cemex a Fortune 500 company. I had an opportunity to coach college football, I truly wanted to get into the corporate world. 

How was it working with Netflix?

Overall it was a great experience. Initially, many guys were unsure about being on the show because of many of the controversies surrounded during the 2006-2007 seasons. Once I got involved I felt that it was important the fans and viewers knew the true. 

How did you balance the stories that were going to be told on “Swamp Kings” ?

We filmed a lot of content, Netflix edited and chose what they wanted in the final shows. 

How did your grandfather Herb Siler have an influence or impact on your life?

He was a professional boxer who fought Muhammad Ali in 1960. My alias is King Kong and that was my Grandfather’s alias. He was a profound influence in my life as a determined and tough athlete. 

Are there any future projects that you could share with Sheen Magazine?

I have a Leadership Online Course that is an extension of my book Definition of a Leader. Also, we are opening an extension of our rehab facility Pure California, located in Oxnard,California. The new facility will be located in Orlando, Florida where we will continue to help athletes with substance abuse and mental health performance therapy. Additionally, we have opened Legacy Pro Sports Agency, focusing on NIL Service for High school athletes through their NFL Career. Another addition to our sports agency, we will be providing placement services for college coaches.

Where can our readers find you on social media platforms?

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn




Photo Credits: Regis Lawson