C.Nichole’s “ah-ha moment” came to her during a two-year visit to Africa. During her tenure, she noticed that the female students would have to miss school during their menstruation phase in some regions. Due to the lack of supplied feminine hygiene products in the area, this sparked an idea to address the issue at hand. However, after a few bumps in the road, she figured she could solve the problem by creating a menstrual pad company with a giveback initiative. Hence Wombilee was born.

C.Nichole then reached out to her sister and co-founder, Raffinae LaJuan, who praised the idea and decided to invest in her business. Keeping it all in the family, the sisters claimed their stake as sole proprietors, and the rest is history! They later found the perfect manufacturer in May of 2020. In just two short months, they began the branding and packaging, and by October 2020, the ladies were in full swing of shipping their products.

Let’s get to know these women bosses!


So, tell me a little bit more about Wombilee and the mission?

C. Nichole: Wombilee is a Black women-owned menstrual pad company that provides a non-toxic, chemical-free menstrual pad that provides seven layers of protection. Wombilee’s mission is to provide a healthier option for women and girls and to empower them to acknowledge menstruation as strength.

Can you elaborate more on the importance of acknowledging menstruation as a strength?

C. Nichole: I created the mission statement of Wombilee based on what I wanted to see in the world. I’ve always been secure about my period and even saw it as a strength because I knew that the menstruation cycle must happen for birth to take place. After traveling the world, I’ve seen the way women view their period, and even at home in the States. I wanted to change the narrative behind what society may view menstruation as.

Raffinae LaJuan:  We are done with the days of following old stereotypes & stigmas regarding what women are told they should be doing, how to act, what to wear, or what to think! Women are powerful, bold, intelligent, resilient, athletic, elegant, and the essence of light! I’m here to stand on the pillars of inspiring, encouraging, and motivating our communities to shift their perspective on viewing menstruation negatively. We’re all about empowering first-time pad users, single dads, to women in need. There is nothing shameful about menstruation.



Did the mission of Wombilee affect you, ladies, personally in any way?

C. Nichole: My mission was personal; I was trying to fill a gap that I saw within my non-profit, the Pan African Think Tank. As an innovator, I wanted to do something already made and make it better. I wanted to supply pads to these young girls around the world—something that can heal all wombs, including mine.

Raffinae LaJuan: I wanted to be the change I desired to see in the world. I no longer wanted to be invited to a seat at someone else’s table. So I decided it was time for us to collectively create our own table by giving the next generation hope that absolutely ANYTHING is possible. It gives us an opportunity to educate and empower the youth, and despite age, we desire to create a culture.

Tell me more about your upcoming soft launch!

C. Nichole: Starting May 18, 2022, Wombilee will be the first women-owned, black-owned, natural pad company in the state of Texas that will be carried at every Central Market location. The retail launch will be during the Texas festival, beginning May 18 through the 31st.

What are your plans for the future?

C.Nichole: As our company grows, we would love to dive deeper into other hygienic projects and partner with other businesses to financially make it happen. While supporting women through our giveback initiative, Wombilee would like to build toilet facilities in small villages and rural areas that do not have access to such.

Raffinae LaJuan: Wombilee believes very strongly in the essence of education in our community. We’re working on a community partnership with different school districts, Community colleges, and universities across the state of Texas to provide sanitary napkins to young ladies and women in need. We want Texas to be the staple! We believe in reach one, teach one. Wombilee products are made with no fragrances, dyes, chlorines, or pesticides, plus they contain graphene that literally increases your circulatory health, metabolic health and keeps your pH balance leveled. All things that will work for the greater good of a happier healthy womb.

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Photos courtesy of Wombilee