Mario Basner, originally from Germany, embarked on a creative journey that led him from being a professional musician to becoming a renowned photographer and gallery owner.

After spending 25 years as a professional musician, Mario Basner felt a shift in his creative pursuits while living in Los Angeles. He discovered a growing interest in photography, which eventually led him to explore it more deeply. With a desire to express himself in different ways, Basner made the transition from music to photography, paving the way for an artistic transformation.

Basner opened his own gallery in Las Vegas after a documentary series that he photographed gained international recognition and won many awards. He opened his gallery as an experimental venture, initially planning for a six-week exhibition. However, the gallery’s success went beyond his expectations, and seven years later, it continues to thrive, offering visitors a unique and immersive experience.

Basner’s gallery stands apart from conventional retail environments by providing a space for storytelling and engagement. Visitors are invited to have an experience rather than just purchasing his art as a decorative item. The themes Basner chooses for his exhibitions hold personal significance and carry a message that resonates with others. The gallery has become known as a “slice of culture” in Las Vegas.

One of Basner’s most significant series focuses on a historic and abandoned hospital complex, capturing the essence of these buildings and their profound stories. For Basner, these structures symbolise compassion and the human connection that he believes are essential and often overlooked in modern society.

Each photograph displayed in Basner’s gallery represents architecture with purpose. Growing up in Europe, Basner acknowledges the influence our surroundings have on our identities. By offering experiences within his gallery, Basner allows visitors to feel the depth and space of the captured environments. This approach particularly resonates with young people, inspiring them through the power of first-hand encounters with art.

Basner’s gallery is not just a space for art appreciation but also a platform for philanthropy. Collaborating with over 20 local non-profits and establishing a grant program for photography students at the University of Las Vegas, Basner actively contributes to his community. Through these initiatives, he aims to facilitate and fund special experiences for aspiring photographers, fostering growth and creativity within the art world.

While Basner’s gallery has flourished in Las Vegas, he envisions expanding his artistic reach to other cities. With a desire to partner with galleries and entities in locations such as New York, Chicago, Dubai, and London, Basner wants to increase the impact of his work and share his artistic vision with a broader audience.

He believes that surrounding oneself with meaningful art has the potential to change one’s state of mind and inspire personal growth. Basner’s own experiences within his gallery and the environments he captures have influenced him to become a better person, treating others with respect and carrying on the legacies embedded within the spaces he photographs.

In a world where art often goes beyond aesthetics and becomes a catalyst for introspection, Basner’s gallery stands as a testament to the massive impact art can have on individuals and communities.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Mario Basner