Despite facing many personal challenges― including being a 2x teen mom and witnessing domestic violence in her  home ― Shareza J’s belief in herself made her the success she is today.

The Broward College, American Intercontinental University, and Florida Bible College alumna is a living example of what hard work and a never-give-up attitude can do.

Shareza J was also a big shot in the corporate world, holding high-up roles in industries like travel and healthcare. Interestingly, she was often the youngest and only black woman executive in those spaces. Talk about breaking ceilings.

But life as it is, there were twists and turns. When things became rocky, Shareza took a leap of faith. She shifted gears from the 9-to-5 grind to starting her own business. She’s  had multimillion-dollar brands under her belt .

Shareza’s latest venture, however, is more personal. Drawing from her painful experience of being swindled by a narcissist ex-husband, that caused her to lose almost everything, Shareza wrote Successful Women Get Played Too. This book dives deep into the vulnerabilities of successful women who, despite their achievements, still find themselves in predatory relationships.

As Shareza makes strides to rebuild her life and character . Shareza J hopes that her story and insights will empower other women to spot red flags, recognize their worth, and most importantly, find the strength to love and trust again.

Beyond her businesses and writing, Shareza’s heart remains committed to uplifting women and young girls. You can see it in everything she does― from her cosmetic boutiques to the talks she’s planning to give in 2023.

Shareza’s journey reminds us that life’s rough patches can lead to incredible chapters. Shareza believes that setbacks are only setups for major comebacks and she’s coming back swinging!

If you’re curious about her story and what she’s up to now, check out her website or look her up on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo credit to Robin V