Welcome to SHEEN Magazine’s exclusive interview with the dynamic duo, Charles and Shireen Kuykendoll who are behind the Better or Best Podcast. Join us as we uncover their insights on marriage, relationships, and personal growth, and gain valuable perspectives from their transformative journey filled with authenticity and transparency.

Reflecting on their development process, Shireen shares, “This podcast has definitely been cathartic and enlightening. Despite being together for over 10 years, the podcast has allowed us to have deeper discussions and actually learn a lot about one another.” Charles adds, “We want to spark conversations between couples and give singles something to think about. And also show that while marriage can be beautiful, it’s also nuanced and a journey.”

Explaining the inspiration behind the podcast’s unique title, Shireen reveals, “Words have power. And while I know storms will come in life, I want to speak positivity, happiness, and blessings over my life and marriage.” She further explains the significance of the spin on marriage vows, stating, “A lot of the podcast will be our perspective as a married couple.”

Discussing the importance of transparency, Charles highlights, “Life has a way of being isolating and making you feel like you are the only one going through something. We hope that sharing our trials and flaws will help facilitate conversations and show that life is not without its struggles.”

As for future topics, Shireen shares exciting plans, stating, “For season 2, I want to share more about our everyday life and start including guests! We also want to hear from our listeners and have them submit topics or ask for advice as well.”

When asked about the podcast’s impact, Charles explains, “We often get asked our opinions on career, entrepreneurship, marriage, and parenting. If we can help one person in their life journey, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do!”

Reflecting on her role as executive producer, Bridget Kelly (See the Thing Is.. Podcaster), shares her initial hesitation and eventual excitement, stating, “I turned the opportunity down at first, a little unsure whether or not I could be of service in a role outside of talent. Shireen is one of my friends with a beautiful outlook and experience, so I was honored she trusted me to help produce a show that could remind her of her power to connect with people as well.”

In conclusion, the Better or Best Podcast stands as a testament to the power of openness, shared experiences, and the transformative nature of relationships. With each episode, Shireen, Charles, and Bridget break down barriers, inspiring genuine connections and conversations. Join them on this extraordinary journey, and unlock the magic of Better or Best.