Getting fit can be quite taxing but mother/daughter duo Jackie & Janae make fitness fun.

Imagine fitness taking you on a journey to fulfill your hearts deepest desires then helping you to create business. Well, that’s exactly what NESTA certified lifestyle & weight management specialist Jackie Madison has done! The fit mom and her daughter, Janae created Mommy-and-me fitness as a fun way to bond through exercise. The duo strives to promote and model the importance of being healthy, one meal and workout at a time! We caught up with the pair to discuss wellness and setting your perspective for success.

Tell me about your pregnancy and how it encouraged a fitness journey.

Jackie: I tried for two years to get pregnant. I was 40 and nothing was happening. I literally took my mind off of it and changed my focus to losing weight to get back into my wedding dress to celebrate my 10-year anniversary. I lost the weight, but instead of having a wedding anniversary party, I had a baby shower. my body was at optimal health and it helped me give birth to my beautiful baby girl at the age of 43. I never looked for felt better in my entire life. I wanted to spread this message to other women. I wanted them to feel what I felt. Over 40 and fabulous!



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