Living in the now, rapper Steph G gives entail to what it means to stay true to your hand given talents, while delivering raw authenticity. As her latest project “Like A G” was recently released, the Brownsville native introduces the embodiment of her art through the twelve listed project including the heavy hitter single “Danger Zone.” Steph G continues to welcome things as they come, as well as showcasing her rawness by any means necessary.

Let’s start from the very beginning… who is Steph G, and what made her decide to become the rapper we see today? 

Steph G is an artist coming out of Brownsville, Brooklyn who’s always had a passion for music. She started off doing choreography at a very young age and worked her way up to music about a year ago. Since young she’s always been a dedicated song writer. She knew she was destined for something big and decided to go for it.

When people listen to your music what is the vibe that you want them to experience? 

When ppl listen to my music, I want them to feel a real, fun, and relatable vibe. The type of music you turn up to but will also have u in your feelings depending on the track. 

Who would you say can relate to your music the most? 

I would say the urban community could relate the most to my music.

Growing up, did you know that your talent was meant to be a part of the music Industry? 

Growing up I would def say that my talent was meant to be in the music industry one way or the other. My whole life revolved around music so I knew somehow, I would impact the industry. 

You have a new project out right now called “Like A G” what was the vision behind it? 

Yes, my new project Like A G is out right now! The vision behind it was to put out timeless music, show my versatility, and tap in with the ladies. 

As a woman in the music industry, what have you learned that has helped you remain goal driven? 

As a woman in the music industry, what’s helped me remain goal driven is seeing other women succeeding in the music industry! I feel like we as women are in a great space and are finally being heard. I love to see it and it gives me hope. 

Overall, would you say that you are proud of the work you’ve put in as an artist? 

I’m very proud of the work I’ve put in so far! In the past year I’ve accomplished a lot of my goals and people are starting to hear the name.

What’s next for you? New music? Any features? Etc. 

What’s next for me is definitely a lot of new visuals out of my Like A G tape and some more music. Can’t ever stop working!

What message would you give to yourself when you look back and think of all thingsyou’ve achieved as of right now?

The message I would give myself is never stop working because hard work will always pay off and you never know when your time would come. Have to always be prepared!