As the fall television season rolls in, television watchers are wondering what’s going to happen with their new shows since COVID-19 shows like POSE has already announced their switch up when it comes to certain scenes dealing with romance. The Love & Hip Hop  franchise is on hiatus, season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t even started filming yet.  However; we have G-Status ATL Hustle their in the 2nd season with returning vets such as Sherrod, Sir Akeem and CharlieXile. G-Status gives us an insight into the social scene in Atlanta. Producers JahJah Kitaii and KL Allen want to provide a platform for the LGBTQIA community in Atlanta to showcase their lives just as the the housewives can, married to medicine can and etc.

How did G-Status come about?

G-Status ATL Hustle started for my longing to put members of the LGBTQ+ on a platform. Back in 2016 I was working As an assistant for a radio personality and she came to me with an idea of putting out a reality Show based in Atlanta that followed the lives of members of my community and she wanted me to be part of the cast. So, a couple months went by and nothing came about it so once I finished college, I came to her and said “if you want to do it let’s make it happen”. I didn’t know what I was doing but I told her to trust me and I would be able to make it happen so within a month we had a full production, cast members, videographers, and PAs. Little do people know that it was a co-ed show with a mix of members of the LGBTQ+ community and straight Allies. One of our cast members was actually Sukihana I’m so proud of her now she is now a cast member on Love and Hip Hop Miami. Due to creative differences we decided to part ways on that project. I worked with KL Allen as an actor because I started out in front of the camera and I knew that he was doing amazing work in Atlanta and I felt like he would be the best person to bring on to this project So we had a meeting with no egos involved and came together to build a platform and we’re so blessed that it has become so successful.

How important is it for the LGBTQIA community to see shows like yours on Tv?

It is so needed, I truly do believe that representation is extremely powerful. I know for myself growing up I was longing to see people that looked like me, move like me, and talk like me. It’s such an amazing opportunity to showcase all the amazing talent within the LGBTQ+ community and it’s also a great way for people to see different members within the community. So oftentimes we see “our community” on television, our lingo, our attitude, our style, and our sass but they put a woman’s face on it or a white face on it and sell it. Members of the LGBTQ+ community contribute so much to the entertainment industry but it is really unfortunate that there’s not many shows on mainstream media that tell our stories or showcase us at all.

Would you like to Go mainstream or stay in the lane you created for Yourself?

The goal is definitely to become mainstream when it comes to the shows I produce and trust me we are working on it, it would change the lives of everyone involved. All of these talented individuals who has those larger than life personalities definitely deserve it and I believe G-Status ATL Hustle Will be the one to do it. The content needs to be shown to the masses.

Has any celebrities reached out wanting to be part of your platform?

We’ve definitely had a couple reality stars from Love and Hip-Hop and Married to Medicine showcase their appreciation for the show. However, we have not had anyone say they wanted to be on the show in particular. We do have some amazing guest appearances on season 2.

Do you believe in the crab in barrel motto when it comes to the community and their support?

Unfortunately a lot of people have that mentality. We come into situations with no ego and nothing but love, and it’s so unfortunate because there’s so much space and money out there for everyone. I think oftentimes the fans also try to put the different shows that are similar up against each other when there is enough room for all of us to truly be amazing. I’m so proud of my fellow producers and productions.

What’s the next for the G-Status TV brand?

The goal is to definitely to be bigger and better. I am trying to create a new genre of reality television. People have no idea how difficult this is especially when you are a perfectionist like me. I continue to compete with myself. It’s an opportunity to do better than my last. The next step is to be mainstream. When it comes to the platform Status TV Network will continue to grow and we will continue to put fresh, exciting, inspiring, Conversation starters, and entertaining content on that platform and allow it to be a safe space for members within the LGBTQ+ community and our amazing allies. We are always looking for new content so feel free to email me

Featured Image courtesy of G-Status ATL Hustle