Gabby B Teams Up with Londynn B For a New Single!

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It’s only two months into the new year, and the music industry has already graced us with music releases that will shape the rest of the year. Among these releases is a music video that is being dropped on February 4th- the Gabby B music video that features Londynn B. Perhaps this collaboration will be the lady marmalade of the decade- shy of our third girl. This collaboration is epic.

The 19-year-old Brazilian singer Gabby B joined forces with the rising rap artist Londynn B, on the track “Loot.” Loot is a song that invites others into a world of money, jewelry, excitement, and the music video has the visuals to match. With Gabby B’s beautiful voice and Londynn’s impressive rap skills, these ladies are starting the year off strong. The separate styles of a Brazilian princess and a rapper from New york perfectly support one another in a collaboration that simply… Works.

Gabby B and Londynn B teamed up with the veteran director and producer DC for the loot music video. Despite her young age, Gabby has a team that consists of the most talented individuals in the industry. On the other hand, Londyn B rose to success when she appeared on the Netflix show Rhytym + FLow, and has not come down yet and doesn’t plan on it These two artists are filled with talent, ambition, and the recipe for success. Wit the long-awaited collaboration music video being released on the fourth, they will be worldwide names soon.

Gabby B has been singing since she was just a young girl, with a background in samba dance and Capoeria, she is a girl who is overflowing with talent and potential. Revealing that she got her beginning singing Whitney Houston and learning from both her parents, she is an artist that has been spent a life time admiring and imitating professionals.  Now, following in their footsteps, Gabby B is a performer who is taking charge. Gabby B has been actively recording music for her EP, while performing across the country. With a large fanbase in Brazil, it’s only a matter of time before her US fanbase explodes… Those days are coming sooon, and soon everyone will know of the Brazilian Barbie.

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