Going through the motions of everyday life, some people like to wine down when they get home. Some even prefer a little brown or even a taste of white, well-known American actress and now a placeholder on the New York Times Best Seller list, Gabrielle Union-Wade tested the waters by asking, “You Got Anything Stronger?” This statement wasn’t just a statement, it was the title of her new book that she made available for pre-order back on April 27th. Her first book, “We’re Going to Need More Wine” that was released in October 2017 is what sparked the wantedness of this sequel. Fans were begging for another book! She expressed dreams of loss, pets dying, her husband leaving her, and no babies being born. Such tough subjects to cover for the executive producing star, but she left a lot of chapters out that she wasn’t ready to deal with. Now in 2021, she is ready to bring them to her readers. In this book, she discusses her journey to motherhood, race, equality, and adult dancers! She gives so many different invites and avenues into her soul. She wants people to take that you are the stronger thing and that in sharing your truths you too can be transparent about your journey.