GirlSupps is not just another weight gain product in the marketplace but it’s a lifestyle for the everyday women who just want a confident and sexy body! In this interview with Tiffany Davis, she shares with us the heart behind GirlSupps, provides advice for those women who may need help with naturally gaining weight, and highlights exclusive product launches (protein powder and probiotics) that should be included in our beauty regimen.

Tell us more about your GirlSupps and the pivotal moments when you knew this was a Revolutionary Women’s Supplement.

I came to the realization that this was really a revolutionary product when I first started the brand. So in 2017 while being a new single mom and navigating this new life, I met someone who helped me put things into perspective for this new business I felt strongly about. As a new mom, I didn’t know why I was losing weight and could not regain it, experiencing post-partum depression, and why my body was going through these changes. At the time, there was nothing on the market that could help me. I literally was going to fitness stores and GNCs to buy protein powders or a combination of products to assist with my weight gain even as a woman to get back to normal. So to find a solution, I started looking up natural products and understanding that God created specific things for specific situations. Within the first few months of me starting my business, I made about $60,000, which made me really shocked that people wanted this product. There are women who are experiencing the same exact thing as I am and having a hard time gaining weight!

Nowhere in the market are there gain weight products such as GirlSupps. As the business continues to grow, we continue to attract influencers as well as celebrity clients such as Coi Lorey, who contacted us directly and was very transparent about her own weight journey. In addition to our recognition as a beauty brand, we even got recognized with an Essence Award as well as a feature in Essence Magazine. Make sure you check us out as a vendor for the upcoming 2023 Essence Festival!

Tell us more about the recent expansion, the meal guide, and new product launches. What does this mean for other GirlSupps (GS) lovers?

Our brand name originally started as Nutrithick with the main focus just on weight gain products. Still, as the brand is growing, maturing, and expanding, we are speaking to a new woman with a different lifestyle. It’s more about gaining weight but now embracing our bodies and introducing natural supplements that we believe will support women in a new lifestyle and ensure that each woman is seen, heard, understood, and remains healthy, which the unique name GirlSupps was created.  Feeling confident and feminine, without the worry about the Taboo of gaining healthy weight!

The meal guide is more of an incentive as well as giving guidance to women who are starting the journey of eating healthy. Some of the meals include vegan options or a good salmon with a select side dish.

In addition to our meal guide, we have our gain weight items, detox, exclusive weight loss, and supplements. We have a new product coming soon, it’s our probiotics and protein powder!

Navigating through your own weight gain journey, what advice would you share with other minority women who may feel challenged to either maintain a healthy weight or find the confidence to embrace their bodies?

Be honest with yourself! I take a holistic approach to everything and I feel as a woman if you must find things that fit your life and body type you must remain healthy. Honestly, years later after giving birth to my son, I realized that I went through post-partum. It can be tough! You gain all this weight and once you stop breastfeeding or even drop the baby – you’re like “Where did my body go? This can be traumatizing.

Getting back balanced and feeling confident it’s a journey and it can require just simple adjustments. I’ve been in business for about 6 years now and I try to build trust with my community as well as traction within the marketplace. My product or method is not an overnight magic pill but its efficient, cost-effective, and produces results that actually do work.

My advice for women who may be experiencing any form of depression, if it is post-partum depression, emotional imbalance, or any form of life challenge, should try to get their appetite and energy back up. Find a product or routine where you don’t have to feel alone or ashamed. At GirlSupps we speak to several different issues not just weight gain, we try to remind our community, even women, that you are not alone, it’s a natural part of life, and there are organic solutions to assist.

Our stories matter and if you need to increase your confidence then it’s okay to gain or lose weight!

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