Who says men’s fashion has to be boring?

Who says, you have to stick to the same palette of basic colors. Well, there’s a luxury menswear line that say’s you don’t have to!

Garçon Couture is a menswear line specializing in the dialogue between the gentleman, and the dreamer in you. Led by a team of seasoned designers and stylists, armed with a specialized method of customer service, the Garçon Couture team is here to assist customers, with designs they have in mind. With the intention and goal, to fit their clients for greatness, and accessorize in the unexpected. Garcon Couture is your closet’s missing best friend.

Garcon Couture is an online store specializing in the latest fashionable accessories and apparel for men. With their backgrounds in personal styling, Jean Francillon and Ilbert J. Sanchez, have combined their expertise and experience to bring men the fashion and personalized service they deserve. After meeting during their undergraduate careers as roommates, Francillon and Sanchez joined forces to make Garçon Couture the business of their dreams and a leader in menswear and accessories.

We recently caught up with the two gentlemen at their boutique! Check the video below, and hear what they had to say!

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All images courtesy of Garçon Couture