Michelle Obama was quoted saying her favorite reality show franchise is the “Real Housewives of Potomac” , so we decided to dig deep into everyone’s favorite bestie on the show; Jacqueline Blake.
Ms.Blake is a true force to be reckoned with and definitely deserves her flowers. There is more to this reality star that our readers need to know about this phenomenal Clark Atlanta grad, who is a friend, mother, sister and the ultimate girl boss! Check out our interview below and get familiar with the real Jacqueline Blake-

Give 4 adjectives that describe Jacqueline Blake

        1. Dramatic 

        2. Driven

        3. Organic

        4. Passionate 


You are a graduate of Clark Atlanta University. How did that college experience impact your life?

The CAU experience gave me the audacity to overcome all obstacles. Our motto is “I’ll Find a way or make one.” Which has literally been the motto of my life. Learning that grit sometimes gets you to success regardless if you have all the boxes checked or not. 


Tell our readers about your new business venture Ava & Blakely Enterprises. What inspired this new venture.

My mentor inspired me to start my own business in consulting after leaving the federal government.

She owns her own successful IT business and is in government contracting. She supports million dollar government contacts. She gave me my first government contracting opportunity as her HR consultant where I eventually learned how she ran her business from the ground up. She then hired me full time as her HR director which was huge.

The opportunity inspired me to follow her similar business model supporting government contracts in the small business, women owned category. 


With your busy schedule, what advice would you give other working women who are trying to balance motherhood, a career and life in general.

I would say to get a really strong support system that you can trust. You are going to need like minded driven mothers around you that can help with the kids and also feed and understand your drive. Doing it all yourself is impossible. Stop trying to do it all and figure out how you can share responsibilities with family and close friends. 


Recently we have seen you on Real Housewives of Potomac, how has that experience been 

In all transparency it has been a extreme eye opener that I can literally do anything I put my mind to. The opportunity was organic, and I never in a million years would of thought I would be on anyones TV screen. I really earned a huge respect for those in this industry as it is extremely stressful but also extremely rewarding if it is done with intention. 


What’s next for Jacqueline Blake.

Continue expanding my business and uplifting other minority woman and girls who are in need of mentorship. I truly believe in giving back.


What is your favorite quote that you live by 


Keep up with Jacqueline Blake on Instagram at @thejacquelineblake 

Photo Credits: Evie Bernard