From mascaras to extensions, eyelashes have the unique ability to transform any face. We all want long and voluminous lashes, and for me, covering up half of my face for the past two years has compelled me to get my eye makeup routine to perfection. I’m in love with beautiful lashes, so the quest to find the right lash enhancing tools and products has been a fun one.

I recently added Velour Beauty to my makeup routine and I am so glad that I did. Velour Beauty is a brand that values self care, sustainability, and innovation. It’s makeup, minus the damage, and I’m loving it. Whether you enhance your lashes with falsies or keep them natural, Velour is a one-stop shop for all of your lash needs. The beauty and lash brand sent a few of their top lash essentials, and I share the deets below. For the lash lovers, get into this!

As I’m becoming a (self-proclaimed) lash connoisseur, I find that quality is super important. If you’re anything like me, you can tell the difference between a good and bad lash, and you definitely don’t want the latter of the two. I love delicate formulas and mink-like fibers, and Velour Beauty has just that and more.

I tried two strip lashes from Velour’s 100% handmade, 100% Vegan, and 100% cruelty-free assortments. Crafted with a soft, cotton thread band, Velour’s premium lashes are hassle-free without the itch, stiffness, and bulkiness. The craftsmanship is “chef’s kiss” and this is the key to every pairs’ longevity, allowing for 25+ wears.

The Effortless Lashes in No Drama are the perfect daytime lash and they look so natural. If you’re a novice when it comes to lashes or like to keep it simple, the No Drama lashes are “like your natural lashes but better.” These lightweight lashes are made with a synthetic silk material and have a ¾ inch band, so no trimming is needed.

The Vegan Luxe Lashes in Secret Weapon (my fave) was the move for my night out and dinner downtown over the weekend. The medium-length lash is fluttery yet natural, and looked so classy on my rounded eye shape. These are one of Velour’s best sellers, they tailor to various eye shapes, and are selfie-approved!

These are the essentials for an effortless, false lash application:

I use the long-lasting White Latex Free Lash Adhesive, and it keeps my strip lashes secured, even through Detroit’s cold wind and snow fall. Apply the glue to the lash band and let it sit for about 30 seconds.

Using the Too Easy Lash Applicator, I then apply the falsies with the applicator side, following with the comb side to blend my real and bonus lashes together. This tool is precise and super helpful because who wants sticky fingers when trying to blend the lashes?

Want to skip the falsies? Keep it cute with the Pretty Big Deal 3-in-1 Peptide & Tubing Mascara. Great for a daily makeup routine, I love that this mascara is a 3-in-1 lash serum, lash shield, and mascara medley. Designed to lengthen and strengthen your lashes in just 4 weeks, Velour’s serum mascara is made with peptides to promote overall lash health and length. Needless to say, I feel good about wearing it, and I can’t wait to see the progress of my lashes over the next few weeks. Lashes are a “pretty big deal,” and should be treated delicately. I’ve taken a little break from individual lashes, because I’m guilty of ripping them off…along with my real lashes. So, as I’m growing out my lashes, the ashwagandha, castor oil, biotin and shea butter-infused formula in this mascara is heaven-sent. This mascara gives my eyes a bright and refreshed boost, and is perfect for fast-faced days.

To achieve my simple, everyday Velour lash look, I start by using the Too Extra Lash Curler.

I heat my lash curler with hot water (Yes, I still use this overrated makeup hack), dry it, then secure my lashes between the curler plates for 20 seconds on each eye. Don’t ditch this step, it adds that extra curl! I follow up with the Pretty Big Deal 3-in-1 Peptide & Tubing Mascara that leaves my lashes lifted and wispy.

To find the perfect pair of Velour lashes that fit your makeup goals and eye shape, take the short lash quiz here!