Love is in the air and everywhere, and we love love. What do we love more than love, watching it bloom of course? What if you’ve never actually met your love, how does it bloom? OWN Network’s The Never Ever Metsis here to show us just how it’s done and there’s a whole new crew of fresh-faced lovers including television’s latest heartthrob; Gregg Hill. Brace yourself because this new dating show is about to get bumpy and Gregg Hill sat down with SHEEN just to let our readers in a little on what to expect.

SHEEN: Where are you originally from, and what made you get into the industry?

GREGG: I am from Phoenix. Arizona. Shoutout to the Valley of The Sun! After graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Journalism. I began working in Marketing. After a few years in, I decided to take a break and began pursuing a career in acting, Entertainment. I packed-up and moved to Los Angeles and haven’t looked back since. Initially it began with some modeling over various agencies. I have always had a fondness for the camera, even behind the scenes enthralled me. The film class in which I took in college was very intriguing. Through encouragement and surrounding myself with like-minded individuals put some wind beneath my sails–I finally began to take things seriously within the industry.

SHEEN: What has your experience been so far and how have you managed to maneuver gracefully?

GREGG: Be knowledgeable. Keep an open mind and above all, exercise your better judgement. Life is a game of Chess, sometimes you have to rotate backwards, maneuver sideways in order to propel forward! Trust in yourself and realize you must put in the work. There are NO shortcuts. You never get anything for free–Adhere to the life you want. Once the goal is set, you don’t break the mold. Smooth seas never made skilled sailors. You must experience failure if you want to reach that pot of gold. How else would you fully resonate with the sweet taste of triumph … CONFIDENCE is key–If you cannot command, then you must obey!

SHEEN: What misconceptions have you heard about yourself, and how have you handled it?

GREGG: One thing life will show you is what you’re made of. Trials and turbulent experiences can come from any which angle. Friends, family, and those dearest to you may begin to feel a certain way about you. Formulate certain opinions, narratives which are flat out false. Jealousy, envy and or fear? Perhaps, a mixture of the 3 however, those who have been down and faithful from the off will remain loyal. You will always have good and evil. Those who support you and those who truly do not want to see you succeed. I use the naysayers as fuel! I turn that negative energy into motivation to prove those people wrong.

SHEEN: Ok. You’ve been on a few shows. Let’s talk about them.

GREGG: I am blessed. Truly I am. Although, one of my lackluster traits is the ability to remain at the moment. Sometimes as a man, I am always looking for that next opportunity. That next ascension to success, as I always feel like I should be doing more. It’s incumbent to remind myself to take a deep breath and fully realize the earned success. Having been a part of two major platforms is something to be proud of. Each situation is similar yet, different from the other. This second go-around as a cast member of “The Never Ever Mets” airing on OWN Network and streaming on HBO Max provided more solace and peace of mind. You never know what to expect, but having experience under my belt made things easier to just be myself and continue to shine! Each experience offered a unique opportunity.

SHEEN: Now your latest project, “The Never Mets” on OWN. Without saying too much, tell our SHEEN readers what’s the concept of the show, and how did you get involved?

GREGG: If you are a hopeless romantic and enjoy the concept of love sprinkled in with DRAMA and everything in between. Then you need only tune your A** in on Friday nights at 7pm central. Grab your girl, grab your man & or significant other and be prepared for a HOT DAMN MESS! The Never Ever Mets is giving a little bit of everything. The BIG plot twist is that nobody has actually met yet within person The Never Ever Mets is a roller coaster ride that will have you experiencing EVERY emotion. 7 couples, who have only embraced virtually via phone, FT, text and social media embark on an epic chase for love. In this Gen-Z era, post Covid Meta Verse type world we live in today, the concept of the show is actually compelling and relatable. Will you sink or will you leave the house hand-in-hand in love?! How many of your close friends, family members or coworkers have you come in contact with who are dating virtually? Just don’t let it be 12 years!

SHEEN: Since this is a show on finding love and partnerships, how do you feel about dating someone in the industry versus dating someone not in the industry?

GREGG: It really makes little difference who or where I meet my potential partner. As long as we share common goals and values in life. Living in LA can be difficult to sort out the good from the bad. A lot of pretentious men and women alike. It seems the prettier they are, the more (potential) headache and baggage comes along with that. I have learned to love a woman for her soul and inner values then that of anything she can offer physically. Looks will fade, inner beauty will stand the test of time. Having experienced both, there are Pros and cons. I would rather have peace of mind.

SHEEN: Living your love Out publicly. What are your stances on that?

GREGG: I really told myself to remain open. Allow vulnerability and maybe take some risks that I would not otherwise take. I maintain an outgoing persona, GREGarious (see what I did there)! But at the same time, there are things in my life that are private. I won’t give you everything at once. As I get to know you I will open up slowly, surely albeit, the correct person. I’ll show a little PDA for a beautiful woman that I’ve been flirting with virtually. I believe the audience will really resonate with my story as they get to understand me. I believe I acquitted myself very well and remained authentic. You have to have a bit of mystery to you, a certain level of allure.

SHEEN: At this stage in your life and career, would you consider yourself a relationship “guru”?

GREGG: There are no experts in this world, except for the man above. However, I’ll say that I understand the lay of the land. How to maneuver in certain situations. When to go fast and when to take a step back, proceed a little slower. I’ve never professed to have all the answers, and that right there is the beauty of life. The unknown. Any time I get comfortable, I’m not. Such an odd thought to ponder, but it is the “fear” that drives me. Live brazenly—& fear will find you again.

SHEEN: Did you have examples of love and/or successful relationships to help steer you in a happily ever after relationship?

GREGG: Witnessing my parents being in love for north of 20 years always provided a sense of stability. Providing a reason to believe in love overall. And at that same time, life takes its turn, and you realize that love is not the end all be all. Unfortunately, my parents have gone their respective ways. Even as an adult you never stop growing. You only hope that you’re moving in the right direction. Took me years to figure this out as the realization of being jaded or cynical was only hurting myself. Take and hold onto those good feelings of life and love, and learn and accept accountability from past transgressions. In order to see the illumination, you must experience darkness. I feel their support.

SHEEN: What’s up next for you?

GREGG: I want to work on a Production with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, Deon Taylor & Tyler Perry amongst others. Four of my favorite moguls who I have a great deal of respect for. I will remain active and present within the moment. To be cast in one of those projects would be a dream come true. Most importantly, I know that I have the chops to do so. I am a twin, and am one of 6 siblings, I know the value of hard work. Pressure and timing. Each day I am growing into a better man, honing my craft. I’ve never felt so motivated, and I am serious about my future. Continue to do right by myself and others and remain READY. Stay tuned, y’all–I am I coming!

SHEEN readers, we have just one question left; are you ready to tune in? We sure hope so because this show promises to deliver excitement and a roller coaster of emotions. We look forward to seeing just what love interest or interests Mr. Hill will capture and/or release. Grab a cuddle buddy and prepare to fall in love with a stranger or two.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gregg Hill