Light Blue is a fragrance line by Italian fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana which was launched in 2001 and has won numerous fragrance-industry awards. The men’s version (Light Blue Pour Homme) was released in 2007.

For the original fragrance for women, Cresp married a tart Granny Smith apple (synthetics cis-3 Hexenol, Liffarome and cis-3 hexenyl acetate) to Delta Muscenone (the scent of human skin) The fragrance includes three synthetic woods (Z11, Ambrox and Norlimbanol) as well as natural cedars. It contains approximately 15 percent of natural Sicilian lemon-peel essence. Top notes: Sicilian Cedar, apple, bluebell; middle notes: bamboo, jasmine, white rose; and base notes: Citron wood, amber and musk.

Starting in 2012, limited-edition versions for women and men have been released periodically. These fragrances have been launched with photoshoots rather than with traditional advertising campaigns and have featured the same male and female models as the original scents.

Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino

A limited edition, released in 2012, this women’s fragrance is named for the fishing village and resort of the rich and famous on the Italian Riviera. The notes include Citrus Accord, pink pepper, Crisp Aquatic, geranium, amber and patchouli. 

Light Blue Living Stromboli

Named for the volcanic island, the limited edition men’s fragrance (released in 2012) has received generally positive reviews. It has been described as a woody, aquatic scent that begins with notes of citruses and red pepper. The mid-notes include marine accords and geranium, while the base is composed of mossy vetiver, earthy patchouli, and amber. 

Light Blue Escape To Panarea

Escape to Panarea is a 2014 limited edition women’s fragrance inspired by the small island of Panarea that belongs to the Aeolian Islands. The island is a popular destination for international guests. The fragrance conveys the atmosphere and scents of the Aoles with accords pear and bergamot combined with night-blooming jasmine petals and a bouquet of orange blossom.

Light Blue Discover Volcano

Inspired by an exploding volcanic island, Discover Vulcano is a 2014 limited edition men’s fragrance that belongs to the woody-chypre olfactive family. This fragrance opens with intense top notes of Italian lemon with ginger, followed by the grassy undertones of cypress and lavender. Haitian vetiver, cedar wood, and the musky-amber scent of ambrox blend to provide the base notes. 

Light Blue Sunset in Salina

The 2015 limited edition floral fragrance was inspired by the Mediterranean summer and its clear blue waters. Sunset in Salina opens with fresh vines and bright violet leaves, followed by yellow freesia, orange flower and jasmine. The base combines amber, cedarwood and white musk. 

Light Blue Swimming in Lipari

For 2015, the limited edition for men was inspired by the Aeolian Islands (off the coast of Sicily) that feature a rugged volcanic archipelago surrounded by crystal waters. The fragrance opens with hints of sea salt enhanced by grapefruit while the heart combines mandarin and rosemary. Dry woods, ambergris and musky notes end the composition.