Here at Sheen we do it for the culture and this interview is no different Don Knock a international Jamaican Artist who’s about expressing him through the beats of his culture. I had the opportunity to sit down and chop it with this talented young man on his musical journey.
Can you describe your sound? 

My music is very worldly, hence why I refer to it as world music. It’s a bunch of culture mixed up together with Jamaica or New York as the main ingredient. I spent a lot of years traveling to over 20 countries so those experiences greatly influenced my music.

How can Caribbean music get the same respect as other genres?

I think Caribbean music is definitely respected, I just don’t think we have a lot of representation in the industry. It’s quite simple man though, we have to move the needle. We have to touch the people again and I think over the years we’ve lost that to afrobeat because they are doing now what 90s dancehall did for the Caribbean. I think we need to start having fun again, dancing again, give them the island Vibes.

Your videography is so detailed what’s your inspiration?

If you close your eyes and listen to a song, it should paint some kind of picture or some form of imagery. So when I am writing the treatments for my visuals I tend to lean into that imagery and recreate what’s already in my head. Then I do research to see who already did something similar. For the Regular visual, I knew I wanted a jungle and to contrast it with suits and big dresses, so I actually watched a lot of Beyonce videos and Kanye videos. Lastly, I also watch a ton of movies and my favorite music video era is the early 2000s when music videos actually mattered.

What’s a Tacotarian?

A Tacotarians is a person who has love and appreciation for tacos. I mean anyone who doesn’t love tacos might be a psychopath, you can’t trust them haha.

My brother Jae, myself and a couple of friends actually started calling ourselves Tacotarians after a stint of eating tacos every weekend for a summer. That ultimately turned into us creating Tacotarians, a platform just for tacos. It’s a one stop shop for everything taco related. There are reviews, recommendations and original content such as our taco tuesday series, where we interview athletes, celebrities, influencers, producers, anybody that’s moving the culture really. Check us out @tacotarians.

What’s next for Don Knock? What’s the next chapter for you? 

First we got some fire merch dropping very soon! So follow me @donknock to keep up the drop. Musically though, Trendy is what’s next! That’s my upcoming single, but ultimately we’re leading up to the #RhoomsEP. It’s my introductory EP as an artist. I produced, wrote, and recorded the entire EP, so I’m really excited to let people hear this world music and what Don Knock has to offer.

This year I also had a goal to produce at least 5 projects outside of my own so I’m also producing @PepperSolana and @Daronlameek’s upcoming EPs. Both are amazing vocalists with a lot of versatility