Randolph Francis, established April 2021 in New Britain, Connecticut, is a professional music management and consulting company equipped with all of the resources, tools, and knowledge that is required for music creators to reach financial freedom from their music.

Founded by businessman, Randolph Francis, the company advocates for organizations, agencies, and societies such as ASCAP, BMI, and similar entities that are necessary to achieving greatness in the industry. The firm has personally closed over 9,000 clients through social media targeting, helping them to reach new heights with a positive impact on not only their career but their lives as well.

“Our services help creators establish themselves as a business, eliminate expenses, generate ten times the amount of income, find effective marketing strategies, and ensures that their assets can be passed down to the next generation; providing generational wealth for their families” states company CEO, Randolph Francis.

As a music management and consulting company, Randolph Francis has made it its mission to provide the best advice and resources to all music creators with an equal opportunity that is affordable for all creatives. Visit for more information or follow @RandolphFrancis on all social platforms.

Submitted by Randolph Francis