It’s getting real, real, and successful around here for 2022!

Individuals are out here soaring and thriving during some of the darkest days in the history of our nation! Yet, some people still don’t possess a “give up” spirit. They understand the assignment! Because there is no glory in the quit! From business to ministry, to philanthropy, even to media- we have some people from all over the country who are true definitions of champions! They have what it takes. They are showing up unapologetically and walking in their purpose. Here are people that you definitely want to be on the lookout for in 2022!

Dr. Regina Martin Archat

Dr. Regina Martin Archat is one of those unforgettable women you meet once in a lifetime. She is a wife, a mother of five, a pastor, serial entrepreneur, City Commissioner and a giver. Because of past trials and trauma, she has dedicated her life to seeing women triumph in their life. She does this by serving, supporting and through spiritual counseling. Her favorite motto is, “…If he can take a broken woman once like herself, then he can use anybody.” Dr. Regina Martin Archat is humble and thankful that God decided to choose and use her to change and empower the lives she encounters daily.

Follow her on IG: @drreginamartin

Stephanie Butterfield

Stephanie is a dedicated professional with over 15 years of experience in ministry, behavioral and mental health. She is the founder & CEO of Q-Esthers Corporation, a nonprofit organization fighting against human sex trafficking. Stephanie is an advocate of promoting education and awareness of child abduction, trafficking and trauma-informed care.

She has been noted as a profound leader and has worked alongside career developers, state representatives, ministries and organizations to fight human trafficking, homelessness, child hunger and abuse.

Stephanie’s new book, “How to Identify Healthy & Toxic Relationships: Knowing When to Leave,” is taking the world by storm!

Stephanie encourages and empowers hundreds of thousands of viewers with her youtube channel(Stephanie Esthers).

Dr. Inez Evans

Inez Evans was selected as IndyGo’s President and CEO in summer 2019, becoming the first minority woman President and CEO for the transit agency. Evans manages an agency of more than 800 employees, a fleet of more than 200 vehicles, averaging 9 million trips annually.

Evans began her transit career as a Customer Service Call Center Representative in the early ’90s. She recently served as a Chief Operating Officer for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). She was responsible for leading 1,600 employees, maintaining nearly 700 vehicles and ensuring exceptional customer service for the VTA’s 43 million customers.

She also serves as a board member for American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and committee member for Leadership APTA. This program grooms transit professionals aspiring to become leaders within their organizations. In 2021 Evans was featured in the Top 100 US Business Leaders Magazine.

Dr. Cozette M. White

Dr. Cozette M. White is an acclaimed bestselling author, nationally recognized finance and tax strategist, international speaker and philanthropist. She inspires individuals to live in purpose, embrace passion, and achieve personal greatness through a balance in work and life. White has been coined the “Financial Physician” due to her unparalleled ability to empower her clients to ditch debt and develop a plan to create the kind of wealth that leaves a secure financial legacy. She can diagnose negative money stories and provide a cure to transform-limited beliefs to the sky’s limit! White prescribes the correct Financial Rx to boost your financial health.Dr. White is the Founder and CEO of My Financial Home Enterprises, a global financial consulting firm providing comprehensive accounting, tax and financial management services for businesses and individuals.

Keep in touch with Dr. White on Instagram and Facebook – @yourfinancialphysician. Also check her out on Youtube: @drcozettemwhite

Dr. Ashley Little

Dr. Ashley Little is The CEO/Founder of Ashley Little Enterprises, LLC, which encompasses her media, consulting work, writing, public relations & marketing, empowerment speaking and more. In addition, she is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, tv/radio Host, advisor for She Wins Society and bestselling author. Next, she is a recipient of the “Author of The Year” award by Glambitious. She is also a part of The Forbes Next 1000 Class of 2021 in partnership with Square. This first-of-its-kind initiative celebrates bold and inspiring entrepreneurs who redefine what it means to run a business. Furthermore, she was a recipient of Nashville’s Black 40 Under 40 Awards in December 2021. It is an annual event honoring the best and the brightest for their accomplishments in their chosen field and their contributions and commitment to the African American Community.

Follow her on IG: _ashleylittle