Despite having a criminal justice degree, Writes is driven by her faith and passion to make her dreams come true as a world-renown writer, writing everything from books, songs, plays, scripts, etc. some of which has been featured on national platforms. Being a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness, Writes, also well knows as a momager to her kid celebrity Jai Lee.

Can you tell us, who is J.P. Writes?

J.P. Writes is self-explanatory in that it is an abbreviation & means exactly what it says: Jayniece Prichette writes! I am a writer. I have successfully written everything literally. Music, scripts, books, etc. that have gotten national & international exposure. I am that person you can constantly come to for advice, a confidant that you feel comfortable sharing things with, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a friend. Basically, I’m a very relatable, down-to-earth, humble & outspoken woman!

Was being a writer something that you’ve always wanted to do growing up?

Actually, no I was 7 years old and was inspired by the tv show Matlock to become a lawyer. I went to college and have a degree in criminal justice and everything, but writing is my passion and my purpose which I discovered about myself when I was 10 years old but didn’t fully hon until I was an adult!

Was being a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness what motivated you to write your first book?

It wasn’t the motivation but definitely a deciding factor in why I published it first. A lot of people had a misconception of who I was, and I wanted to talk about myself from my perspective, hint the title of the book: Through Her Eyes. I mean the best way to know about me is from me!

You are also a successful momager, can you tell us more about how and why you got started, and do you believe you will continue to be a momager throughout her career?

That I am and very proud to be! It started in 2013 when my then 6-year-old daughter Jai told me she wanted to follow what I was doing at the time which was modeling and it expanded to a full-on entertainment career for her on television, radio, etc. I have a 1-year-old son now and he is so full of personality and we have already started on his industry career, so I most definitely am reprising my role as momager for him!

Being a serial entrepreneur, publisher, 5x published author, and best seller on Amazon how do you find or successfully balance your career and family life?

Jesus, prayer, and my husband as a support system help me to successfully balance my career and family life. I’m a faith walker so I know everything I have accomplished thus far is due to Jesus so anytime I get overwhelmed I pray and also confide in my husband who helps keep me grounded, focused, and moving. He is my partner in both business & life!

How does it feel to be known as a world-renown writer for books, songs, plays, scripts, and more?

I don’t know yet I’m still awaiting that moment when I have fully accomplished that title and will let you know the feeling when I have crossed that threshold, but it feels damn good to be accomplished in these areas in that I have gotten recognition for my gifts, they have definitely made room for me!

Do you have any events or appearances scheduled that you can share with us?

I did many daily live segments on my Instagram page which have turned into an opportunity to begin a podcast of my own so stay tuned to my YouTube Channel for that as far as events and appearances keep connected to my social media page for notices.

For those that may be interested in starting a career as a writer, manager, or entrepreneur in general, what advice could you give them?

START! Don’t procrastinate, get to it! Investing in yourself is the ultimate key to success. Putting money into your brand is of utmost importance. Take pride in what you are doing. Always over excel at your own expectations, you set for yourself, therefore, you never miss the mark!

How can people connect with you and everything you have going on?

I am located on all social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @J_Neese and my professional pages: @JPWritesPub

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