COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented economic downturn and the highest ever unemployment rate of 14.7% as of April 2020. Career strategist and author Sonia Alleyne wants to help. Alleyne has created I Kick A** at Work: The Strategy Journal for Career Professionals through Hunter Publishing Group.

The book includes advice from Sonia herself and other corporate executives. Sonia designed the book to help women stay focused, take calculated risks, and create the necessary support and documentation of accomplishments as they telework during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When I started my career, I believed if I worked hard as I did in school, then I would get the money and the promotions, just like I got the good grades,” says Sonia. “It took me a long time to realize that I had to be a lot more deliberate, strategic, and vocal to be recognized in the workplace,” says Sonia.

Sonia Alleyne is an editor, author, and communications strategist. As Editorial Director at Black Enterprise, she oversaw career and executive lifestyle coverage for print, digital, TV, events, and franchise packages. Sonia is the founding Editorial Director for the Women of Power Summit and the co-author of Good is Not Enough: And Other Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals, which was nominated for an NAACP Image Award. She was the former Press Secretary and Director of Public Information for the New York City Department of Finance.

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Featured Image by Hunter Publishing Group