By the time they were 5 years old, Lauren, English, and Chyna were being trained to sing and play with their own musical instruments.

Hailing from Peoria, Illionis, Gary had big dreams for his three daughters, and he began to hone their talents and instill discipline and perseverance in them. It would take years of training, and hard work to make sure the gifted trio was on the path to music fame. “My dad started us as a singing group before we were 5-years-old and he got tired of the tape skipping so that is how we ended up on instruments,” said Chyna. “He told us that we were going to play our own music and do our own singing, so we started singing and playing our own instruments. That is how our lifestyle began.”

Lauren is the oldest sister and she plays the bass; English is the middle sibling and keyboardist; and last, but not least, Chyna is the youngest on the drums.

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Makeup by Larissa Von Cousins

Styled by Erin LaRen

Photography by Will Kennedy

Creative by Chanan Kennedy