By the time they were 5 years old, Lauren, English, and Chyna were being trained to sing and play their own musical instruments.   

Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, Gary had big dreams for his three daughters, and he began to hone their talents and instill discipline and perseverance in them. It would take years of training, time, and hard work to make sure the gifted trio was on the path to musical. “My dad started us off as a singing group before we were 5-years-old and he got tired of the tape skipping so that is how we ended up on instruments,” said Chyna. “He told us that we were going to play our own music and do our own singing so we started singing and playing our own instruments. That is how our lifestyle began.”  

Lauren is the oldest sister and she plays the bass; English is the middle sibling and keyboardist; and last, but not least, Chyna is the youngest on the drums. As far the dynamics of the group, the sisters keep it real. “It is a challenge and it normally works out with us fighting really hard and loving really hard as well,” said Lauren. “It is definitely a family affair and we have that sister dynamic for sure. It gets real, real quick. It is part of our secret too because at the end of the day no matter how hard we fight, we are still sisters and there is no going away from that.”     

The years of hard work paid off because the sisters are in the midst of inking a major record deal with Sony Music and they are forever grateful. “It is so amazing and surreal at the same time because this is something that we have been working our whole lives for,” said Chyna. “We are excited and happy to see it come to fruition.”   

It takes a lot of dedication, time, and sacrifice. Our dad, who was our manager, passed away almost two years ago and he would always tell us that making it in this industry takes a lifetime,” said Lauren. “We have definitely sacrificed our lives do something that we love. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have been shed over this, but this is something we love to do. You are definitely going to experience a lot of pain, hurt, and trauma but if you stand the course you will experience the triumph and the win.”    

The vocal trio describes their sound as R&B and pop and shared their experience in the recording studio as well as working with the writers and producers. “The recording process in the studio is different and varies each and every time. Sometimes we have a dream, and we will write a song about it or we are collaborating with other people. We have worked with 1500 or Nothin’, LT Moe, Willie Lattimore, and many more,” said Lauren.

Lauren added, “It may hit us in the shower, but for the most part, our recording process can be quite challenging. It is not always peachy keen or easy for us because we put our whole hearts into it. We really want it to be a great project that people can feel and relate to. We put a lot of thought into it and it can be a challenge trying to have that perfect song which is no such thing.”        

The talented siblings have played for world renowned artists and they have a wish list of who they would like to collaborate with next. The list includes the likes of Pharrell, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and Megan Thee Stallion.

When asked about their biggest influence, there was no hesitation. “Our biggest influence would be our dad because he was the start of it all for us with training us and bringing us up,” said Chyna. “He was our first teacher and even after his passing we are still listening in our heads about the lessons he gave us and he definitely has a big influence on how we think moving forward in the things we do.”   

The impressive threesome shared some triumphs and challenges they have faced during their musical journey. “One of our triumphs is being on the cover of SHEEN and we are really excited about that because you are one of the top African-American magazines in the world. Another triumph is that we were given an opportunity to perform on the big stage at Essence Festival.”

They added, “Being signed to Sony Music as a top label is another big triumph. Our challenges would be working to get to the point where we are now, the challenges of being in a group, and we have different schedules, bills, and children.”      

The lovely trio shared some of their favorite beauty products and tips. “I love Nairobi hair products and I like to use coconut oil,” said Lauren.  “A good beauty tip is to exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate your entire face and body.” 

What kind of advice would they give to someone wanting to be a part of the music industry?

“I would tell them to write down their goals and do everything they can to accomplish them. Work hard and study your craft,” said Lauren. “Always keep believing in yourself no matter what someone else tells you. I believe the gifts we have are not for ourselves, they are for other people.”

The triad’s highly anticipated single “Come Back” was released on February 23, 2021 which is their late brother’s birthday. The video release date is March 12, 2021 which is their late dad’s birthday.  “These dates are very significant to us,” said Chyna.

“The single can be purchased on Apple Music, Spotify, and all major music platforms,” said English.

Shout out to LT Moe and Reggie Jones. LT has been working with us and never charged us a dime. We appreciate everybody on the team.  

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