What happens when a media and beauty maven become best friends? They create magic! Karen Civil and Ming Lee
are getting candid about friendship, business, and the art of being marketable.

Karen Civil, founder of and Ming Lee, owner of Snob Life have both changed the game of marketing and continue to take it to the next level. The mavens have joined forces and are inviting us in their conversations on their podcast, Girl I Guess on the Joe Budden Network, where they discuss business, love, life, and everything in between in a very candid and vulnerable environment. On social media, Karen can be described as “politically correct” but on the podcast she lets us know “a b*tch is funny.” In other words, Karen in lending her entire self to provide the gems we all need to be great, much like her! Ming is her perfect match. You can feel their authentic energy and being polar opposites makes them the best of friends.

Contrary to belief, they show that it is possible to be in business with your bestie.

“It’s amazing, it doesn’t feel like work at all and with us living such busy lives, it gives us time to reconnect, and process have dialogue and conversation with other women and let them feel a part of our friendship.”


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Photography by Will Kennedy

Creative Director by Chanan Kennedy

Styled by Jeremy Haynes

Karen’s Team:

Hair by Carlos G

Makeup by DRVCO Makeup

Ming Lee’s Team:

Hair by Tokyo Bradshaw

Makeup by Jazmine Paige