Gloria (Glo) Atanmo is a travel blogger who uses God’s greatest creation to expound her views to inspire, teach, and cultivate others.

Most visionaries expound their views over a glass of merlot or from a huge shake up that forces them into a broader view, a love for life. Visionary, Gloria Atanmo used the intimacy of a map, luggage, and grit to become a world-renowned name. She is a travel blogger who expands views to inspire, teach, and cultivate others. While chatting with Glo, SHEEN was left with some important takeaways for life and travel.


Gloria Atanmo aka “Glo” began her blogging career at the age of 11. The now 29-year-old admits that she has been blogging for more than half her life. She started off as a blogger focusing on the “hard-hitting” issues of middle school books, boys, and buys. Her blog and transition from boys, sports, and pop culture ultimately led her to blog about her many experiences as a visionary who travels for inspiration sake. Since starting her 18th blogging year, Glo has pivoted not once, not twice but five times! Yep, what hundreds follower follow today in 2020 is a byproduct of PIVOT! To pivot means to turn away, or turn a new leaf. Basically doing a new thing to bring about a new vision. Pivoting has been the source of Glo’s GLOW!

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