Have you ever noticed, every year seems to have a certain color that stands out more in fashion? This year in Spring I happen to notice a lot of green being worn.  I asked several people, “What are your first thoughts when you think of the color green”?
My answers..
Plants, life, money, energy, new beginnings etc.
So, let’s talk about life and new beginnings…
Building up our life goals can be like a garden, but it has to have a starting point on good ground.
We are in the season where our teens are graduating from school, and they can use some encouragement. The first years out of school may seem a little hard to figure out, but that’s where parents and mentors can step up to be a guide.
They are dealing with decisions on what to do next or having money, job, or going to college etc. Just know, it’s never too late to go back to school.
Fantasia Barrino-Taylor, famous R&B artist Is a great example. She recently went back to school after living and currently still a successful celebrity lifestyle.
I took these words of encouragement  from a dear friend who loves to be in her garden to find peace…
“Sometimes we don’t always see the final product, it can be overwhelming to see an overgrown bed and become discouraged. It takes time, dedication, overcoming fears of bugs, sweat and sometimes blood, to get to the beauty we want it to be.
A lot like our potter…. I’m sure I look like a briar patch to God, but I know he will make me something beautiful.” – Tamara Ayer
So In the midst of all that life brings don’t let it keep our mood down. Positive Energy is definitely good for our health.
Now let’s dig into fashion…
Even though spring seems to continue to be in the battle with Fall/Winter.  Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone and add a little color besides black and white to your wardrobe.
One quote from Fashion Stylist D. Perkins
“Brighten your wardrobe Brighten your mood”
 Get in your wardrobe and get in your Garden and “Go Green”
Have Fun with Fashion!
Photo Credits: Jabari Wade & Tamara Ayer