Halo 7 was a concept conceived by God sisters Ashley Jackson and JeNai Stanley out of the Chicago area. Both with different professional backgrounds made the decision to move forward with fulfilling their dream of creating a premium rum and luxury brand into reality.

Can you tell us more about who is Ashley Jackson and JeNai Stanley?

A concept conceived by two black women, Ashley Jackson, and JeNai Stanley are god sisters based out of the Chicago area. Ashley, a lawyer & innovator, and JeNai, an artist & college professor have worked to turn their dream of owning a premium rum and luxury brand into reality.

Can you tell us more about the company, Halo 7, and how the name came about?

Halo 7 Rum is a premium craft spirit that we have built into a luxury brand giving honor to our ancestors.

For us, Halo signifies not only the heavens but also honors our ancestors who watch over us and the guiding light that continues to lead us on our path forward. The 7 symbolizes perfection, completion, and unity. The stars and moon phases represent the birth of our dreams as well as evolution & growth

Given our initial imagery of the moon and constellations, our journey was written in the stars for us. They are also a nod to our kids who both love space and looking at the stars through their telescopes.

What makes Halo 7 Rum different and stand out from the rest? 

Halo7 defines an exceptionally iconic and indulgent experience elevating craft spirits to the next level.  Encapsulating richness and complexity with notes of vanilla, coconut, and caramel Halo 7 Rum is unlike any other rum.

What was the motivation to launch Halo 7?

We’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit. Our moms have been best friends since high school and as God sisters, we’ve known each other our entire lives, so it was only inevitable. Our dream has always been to create a family business, and this was the perfect platform for us.

Being Black women stepping into creating premium rum, did you find it difficult to get started and taken seriously by your counterparts in the industry? 

Entering the industry has been interesting. Women, specifically black women aren’t the majority when it comes to spirit ownership and manufacturing, so that can be challenging. But as business owners, we always pull from our innovation and rich foundation which has yielded positive results.

What advice could you provide to other women that are interested in starting a liquor brand, but don’t feel they will be taken seriously?

Far too often women are challenged in many professional spaces, what we have learned from our journey thus far is to make sure to do your research, create a strong team, and believe in your brand.

What can we expect from Halo 7 in the future?

Halo 7 Rum is a lifestyle brand. Our goal is to create experiences in various spaces that bring people together to create timeless memories.

How can people connect with you to learn more, as well as continue to follow Halo 7?

Connect with us:

Website to purchase directly at

Kimbark Beverage Shoppe  Hyde Park, Chicago

IG:  halo7rum_

FB: halo7rum

Photo Credits: @ronnieboykinjunior