As a helping professional, Brittany White, LCSW-C is spreading her wings into the world of authorship.  She is expanding on her expertise through the art of storytelling while also continuing to support, guide, and connect with others.  Brittany is one of the seven co-authors of the “It Takes A Village” social work book anthology.  Set to release in March 2023 for National Social Work Month, this author opportunity helps professionals like Brittany as they share about their trials, accomplishments, and suggestions for growth. 

With twelve years of social work experience, Brittany is a wealth of knowledge to not only her clients but to other professionals.  Many new and seasoned social workers often have inquiries about advancing in their careers or how to manage the day-to-day stressors in the workplace.  “I joined the It Takes A Village book collaboration because I wanted to share my stories of success and challenges throughout my social work career. In sharing my experiences, I hope to encourage people in the human service profession that they are not alone when facing challenges and they have the power to overcome them,” Brittany confidently shares.

“My favorite aspect of this book is that it gives a glimpse into the life of a provider. The book illustrates that human service professionals face a variety of personal and professional challenges. As a result of the book, I hope practitioners are encouraged to give themselves grace, space, and seek support during challenging times,” she shares.  The book collaboration will be a new resource and tool for success.   “This will assist them with showing up fully for themselves and as better practitioners. In addition, I hope this book emphasizes how imperative it is to incorporate self-care into our lives daily rather than just happening occasionally,” Brittany continues.

There’s also beauty in the title of the book collaboration.  It signifies a sense of belonging for helping professionals.  “When I think of “It Takes A Village,” I think of community, unity and support. I always say: the greatest thing about life is we do not have to navigate it alone”, she adds.  “Our lives are enhanced by having people we can depend on, share and seek advice with, celebrate with, extend a helping hand; and serve as guide and role model,” she exclaims.  Although challenging, social work can be very rewarding.  Many providers go into this work for many reasons but for Brittany she always knew that she wanted to provide support for others.

“Social work has allowed me to live out my purpose by empowering and supporting people from all walks of life, ethnicities, and ages from youth to the elderly,” she recalls about her social work career.  Many professionals have various inspirations for beginning their career.  But for Brittany White, her inspiration was more personal.  “My mother inspired me to become a social worker. I consider her an original social worker without the official title. My mother was always caring and helped my siblings, family, friends, co-workers and anyone she could. The love and support she shared with everyone empowered me to want to do the same for others,” she affectionately recalls.  But after only eight years in the profession, she experienced workplace burnout.  While saving lives, we often are not taught or equipped with the tools to face the stress.  For Brittany, she took that moment in time as a chance to recharge while she focused on her self-care.  

Brittany details her self-care routine as being very intentional.  Her new way of life allows her to be fully present, authentic, and well as she pours into others.  Here’s what she shared:

“Self-care is now a lifestyle for me. I start each morning in my meditation room observing the beauty of nature, stretching, meditating, praying and reading. My meditation room has been a healing, freeing and resorting space for me. I also do activities throughout the day such as walking, yoga, dance fitness workouts, journaling, saying positive affirmations and taking a break between tasks. Additionally, whenever I feel out of balance, I check-in with myself to determine the root cause. There are times when self-check-ins are difficult and even lead to tears. But after the tears, there is release, freedom, and clarity. I always feel lighter and wiser after my check-ins.” 

Not only did she take charge of her career and self-care journey, but Brittany also used her wellness as a chance to step out on faith as an entrepreneur.  She is the CEO of Love, Light, Shine LLC and is a Laughter Yoga instructor/facilitator.  “My career will provide safe spaces in which individuals can be their authentic selves, feel supported, connect with others, reflect, heal, release, rebuild, and create joy in their lives. It is my goal to positively impact many lives throughout my career and empower people to Be Well and Live Well,” she shares.  Connect with Brittany White, LCSW-C to learn more about It Takes A Village, Laughter Yoga, and more by visiting her website and connecting with her on Instagram.


Writer, C. Scott, is a volleyball mom, authorpreneur, LMSW, and freelance writer.  Connect with her as @curls_coils and @thee_wellnesscollective.  

Photos courtesy of Brittany White, LCSW-C