The term Metaverse has been buzzing around for quite some time and more and more people are understanding the benefits of it. Lashawn Woodward, the owner of Legacy Treasures VR saw an opportunity that she couldn’t resist. Lashawn is an entrepreneur and has a mind for business; she stumbled about metaverse by curiosity. While playing a video game called the Oculus, her interest began to peek.  She was so intrigued by the intensity of the video game world she wondered what was offered for adults. Lashawn came across something of interest, sex toys in 3D and it has changed her life ever since. She began to research and realize that sex toys have always been a big thing, but what she found was a game-changer. One idea later, Legacy is now an expert in the Metaverse (Virtual Reality) Adult toy industry.

Lashawn is one of the few women of color that has tapped into this market, and she is still wrapping her head around how well things are going. It is mind-blowing where the digital era is going. I’ve heard people talk about the rose and other sex toys but imagine having a Bluetooth-capable adult pleasuring toy come in. I would have never believed it if I haven’t received one for myself. I was able to hop on zoom and see firsthand what it was like in the Metaverse. Not many people are talking about Meta and how it could be where the future is headed. Over the years, we’ve gone from text to photos and videos. We’ve gone from reading books, newspapers, and now watching short clip videos on TikTok.

Legacy gave me a tour on the other side, into the metaverse and I was blown away.  Being in the Metaverse, allowed me to not only be able to watch the internet from my screen but allowed me to be inside. That’s different. I’m still unsure how I felt about being in a metaverse. So many people can’t experience life due to finances, obligations, etc. but imagine experiencing life in 3-D as if you were there and amongst everyone in the crowd. That is what Metaverse does, it creates an experience. It allows you to experience life, through a digital space that gives you an encounter that makes you feel like you are there, mingle like you are there, and be amongst others that are there in a digital space just like you. I was also able to tour Legacy’s store and view what her actual customers would view and by curtesy, Legacy gifted me with a free toy.

The Pearl2 is an interactive G-spot vibrator. Not only does it bring pleasure, but it is able to connect to other toys. This takes long-distance dating to another level or should I say it keeps the fire burning. Dating online or long-distance relationships is very popular, and it appears Kiiroo, has created the feel technology so that no matter how far apart you are from your partner you can still share intimate moments, by linking devices using your phone application. The Pearl2 will always give you good vibrations. These toys not only connect to your phone or computer devices, but it is also connecting to virtual reality (Metaverse) platforms such as the Oculus Quest 2.

As the world is evolving, so is technology and Legacy not only could vision the future she is a part of the future. She is responding to what is to come- Metaverse. The world is changing, are you?


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