The beauty trends speak for themselves, and it’s clear that the world desires thicker and longer eyelashes. There’s just something about fluttery, eye-catching lashes that add the perfect amount of glam to an ensemble. And although very useful, to achieve a look with full eyelashes, sometimes mascara just isn’t enough to get the job done. Turning to faux lashes for a little boost will forever be the move for lash lovers including myself, and everyone’s in luck with an array of lash types for beginners, experts, and those in between.

I’m a sucker for falsies, and it’s their variety and versatility that make the lash experience so much fun. But, if we’re being honest, sometimes applying glue-on strip lashes can be tricky. They require precision and energy that many sometimes find too time-consuming. As I become more fluent in lash applications, I can’t say that I’m a lash glue hater. I do, however, understand the sentiment behind the tedious process these kinds of adhesives bring. Instead of lashes that utilize glue adhesives, magnetic lash kits are cleaner, little miracles that give you fluffy eyelashes without having to deal with finicky lash glue or lifting during wears.

The all-things-lash brand, Velour Beauty has some of the softest, prettiest, and most comfortable lashes around. I love wearing the brand’s glue-on falsies, so I couldn’t wait to try their newest Magnetic Effortless Collection featuring their luxury, innovative magnetic eyelashes.

Velour Beauty offers ten different full and natural magnetic lash styles designed to enhance your eyes and make your life so much easier. All of the lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and are handmade with premium fibers promising 30+ wears and all-day comfort. The mighty hold mini magnets on the lash band allow for easy applications and safe removal without any tugging or irritation of your natural lashes. These lashes are effortless and definitely worth trying.

Velour says “if you can do liner, you can do lashes,” and this is truly all the confidence you need to master your lash look. The application process is made simple thanks to the 3-in-1 Lash & Go Eyeliner. There are no others like this revolutionary liner. Velour’s 3-in-1 magnetic lash liner is the only one of its kind on the market that works for both magnetic and regular false lashes without any compromise on quality as a liquid eyeliner. Genius, right? This award-winning, hybrid eyeliner comes with a tip that easily glides and distributes a nice pigmented coat on the lash line. This liner is also vegan, and if you thought it couldn’t get any better: it’s smudge- and transfer-proof as well.

To use, apply the 3-in-1 Lash & Go Eyeliner from the inner to the outer corner of the lash line. Once dry, apply the magnetic lash directly onto the eyeliner. For false lashes, apply when eyeliner is wet. Then, repeat on the other eye!

For starters, Velour’s High Voltage and Opposites Attract are our top picks! Both styles are no-trim, ¾ length, cotton lash bands that you don’t have to grab the scissors for. Per usual, these Velour lashes blend so well with your natural ones and snap onto the liner perfectly.

Basically your lashes, but better, the style in Opposites Attract gives a subtle, natural-looking effect. They add just enough length and volume for casual, everyday wears.



If you’re looking for a lash that gives “excitement” but isn’t too much, Velour’s High Voltage is just what you need. These intensely flared and whispie magnetic lashes are perfect for evening wears and work for all eye shapes.


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