Opens up about how “Jesus Is King” with Sunday Service & Beyonce’s Black Is King influenced him to use his platform to help people become self-aware. 

When Brennen Johnson, known professionally as Brennen, started his YouTube Series Podcast Brennen’s Room Show, he was on a mission to help people get to the best version of themselves. His intimate, deep conversations continue to serve an online community that he serves with a message of love, healing, freedom, understanding and clarity. 

Dubbed The Male Oprah by his viewers, Brennen’s Room Show showcases real life stories of everyday people dealing with everyday situations. “My YouTube series is a safe place for men and women to share success stories. I talk to people who have lost everything then gained it back, I help people navigate through their journeys, everyday life, and what’s next for them,” Brennen tells SHEEN. 

In Season One, Brennen spoke with Sierra Glamshop of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta about finding her purpose through pain. It was a conversation about healing, relationships, and wellness as the two navigated through Sierra’s past, present, and future. As comments poured in from around the globe, it was clear that the show was making a huge impact. 

One fan of the show wrote, “…misplaced loyalty is a byproduct of abandonment issues because our fear is that we will leave them how others left us. It’s a real battle to recognize that that is a trauma response and do better.” Another fan of the YouTube series commented, “She [Sierra Glamshot] was so peaceful, mature, and transparent with a real testimony that’s needed in this industry…” 

For Brennen, helping people effectively communicate their emotions while leading the conversation on self-awareness and being more self understood is paramount. The podcaster tells Sheen, “When you find yourself you find your life and the world opens up.” 

When I found myself, my life opened up. Being self aware for me meant discovering who I really was and what I was called to do. It’s what makes me who I am,” he added. This past week, Brennen sat down with Sheen to discuss his life’s journey, becoming a Grammy Award-winning vocalist, and Season 2 of his popular YouTube Series Brennen’s Room Show. 

He wants people to know that mental health is real and that you can get help. “Do not take it for granted, people need to start naming the voices in their head. A lot of times people start hearing the voices of what other people have called them so I always start by telling them to name that other voice something so it can be put in its place. We must learn to identify the two and isolate the two voices, he says. 

No stranger to the highs and lows of life’s journey, Brennen knows first hand that life can bring both triumph and tragedy. After successfully launching a business that grossed nearly 1 million dollars in revenue and becoming a Grammy Award-winner for his vocals on Jesus Is King with Sunday Service and Beyonce’s Black Is King, the singer-songwriter saw his entire life flash before him after a head on collision with a drunk driver nearly cost him his life. With his chest pinned under the hood of the car and his body turned in a whole new direction, he recalls a conversation with God. 

At that moment when I got hit, I thought my life was done. I saw the car coming, it hit me, and I saw my soul come out of my body. I said “Lord thank you for everything,”  and I literally heard the Lord say to me “You’re gonna thank me for your life? I’m gonna send you back cause I’m not ready for you,” he recalls. 

I felt like my thank you got my life back. If he had taken my life I had done everything – all of my dreams, every dream I wanted to do I had done it. But I learned just how powerful the words thank you are. That thank you that I gave God in that moment gave me access to live again. My walk changed, that accident literally changed my whole life. My grandmother always told you that thank you was the best gift you could give someone,” he says. 

This season, Brennen returns with a heartfelt line-up of more deep, intimate conversations that aim to help viewers get to the best version of themselves. “We’ll be talking about family secrets and I’m going to jail dealing with Murder Mysteries & Crimes and talking to the people who committed the murders,” he shares as a spoiler. 

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