We know and love Kosine as a GRAMMY Award-nominating producer, a songwriter, actor, and co-founder of Da Internz – but he’s finally let us into his heart and mind with the release of his debut project titled, ‘Truth Serum.’ Having worked with so many notable names in the industry, it’s certainly a breath of fresh air to see him open us up into this musical world. We wanted to obtain all the details surrounding his exciting debut, his video “Perfect Timing” for the Chicago Bulls, and much more.

Tell us about your debut album, Truth Serum.

Oh man, as a music producer, you’re always trying to figure out what’s coming out of an artist’s mind and heart. This is me finally finding my own voice, message, and way of storytelling. It’s literally audio healing.

Do you have a favorite song from the album you could tell us about?

My favorite? Ooh. That’s a good one. “Settle” is a great one. Can I give you my top three even though there are seven on the project? (Laughs). I think it’s “Settle,” “Hello World,” and “Transparency.” If you were to ask me this question next week, I will probably have a different answer for you. (Laughs).


Can you tell us about your video “Perfect Timing” and what inspired the visuals?

“Perfect Timing” is a love letter to Chicago. Shout out to the Chicago Bulls for the opportunity of a lifetime. They play that video before every home game, in my hometown of Chicago. It’s an opportunity, yet there is so much love and encouragement to the Bulls. I don’t know if you know this but this season, the Bulls started out 4-0 and that is the best that they’ve ever started off since the ‘90s – the Michael Jordan era. I think it’s because of “Perfect Timing.” I think my poem really whipped the whole team into shape and I’m just grateful.


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As a producer, you’ve worked with so many notable names. Is there someone you believe has left a special mark on your career?

Marsha Ambrosius. She is also an executive producer of Truth Serum. She is the one that helped with my confidence. There was this punk ass person named “doubt” in my mind and Marsha is someone that removed all doubt. She reminded me that I am one of the greatest in this time. I’m grateful for her encouragement and her vocals because she is on so many tracks.

What are you working on now and what can we expect to see from you in the rest of 2021?

I’m developing new artists! Of course, we have new music coming from myself. There will be production collaboration with many label artists, but I won’t speak on it just yet.


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